The Signature’s Scroll

**Published by Perspectives Magazine in 2009.**

by: Rebecca Taylor

I’m the scrawling signature that belongs to Nora Timmons. Without me, her letters and correspondence would be left unfinished. I am unique and am the finishing touch added to all the work that Nora does at the studio where she works as an assistant to the art director and where one of her paintings is occasionally displayed. Nora’s smooth hands hold a pen or paint brush expertly to create a written or visual message and then I step in and allow myself to swish across the page or canvas to brand her work. I love the way I am able to blend in with the colourful designs Nora makes on her canvases, her artistic style helps me be creative too, lately I’ve been making the ‘s’ at the end of Timmons swirl. Sometimes when the mood is just right, I feel like I am dancing across her work and the ink or paint are my footprints.

When Nora picks up a pen or paintbrush, I get excited knowing that I will probably be needed. The feeling of the pen’s nib on the paper sending me sprawling on the page is a magical feeling. I am a sensory creature, and I know the difference between quality and draft work. Whenever Nora is putting the final additions on her paintings, she uses a soft skinny brush that makes me feel wonderful; this brush is like a favourite friend that you have not seen for a while but long to be with. When Nora is planning where to hide me amidst her designs, she uses a scratchy pencil, which she has sharpened to be extremely pointy, it pokes and prods me until Nora is contented with my position. This is sometimes difficult to experience but the smile on her face looking down at me makes it all worth it. Even the paper or canvases she uses make a huge difference to my mood. The letterhead from the gallery is thick and feels silky; laying myself across it is like crawling on a cloud, while Nora’s notepad is made from recycled material. It is environmentally friendly, yet not very comfortable. I keep reminding myself about the importance of the world around me; I know that sometimes I need to make concessions in order to allow more generations of signatures a life that is as amazing as mine.

Because Nora lives a very active life, I am never without work, I am with her everywhere she goes; I am part of her identity. On her artwork, I am everlasting, her paintings will be around forever, even once she is gone, and I am just a memory branding her work. Sometimes documents that Nora has worked on go through the shredder once they are no longer needed, at first it hurt to see myself being torn to bits in that roaring machine, but I know that she is just doing it to protect me, so that no one tries to take me from her and complicate our lives.

While I hope to have many more wonderful years with Nora, I sometimes wonder about the end. Her paintings and many of the programs she has helped put in place at the gallery will be part of her legacy and I will be there on her artwork, living on forever, but once she has left this earth, my work will be done. A signature is something very special; it cannot be transferred from person to person. It is truly unique. It makes me happy to know that I am so valuable to Nora, but I am still coming to terms with the understanding of the circle of life.

In the years to come I hope to be there through many events in Nora’s life, like helping her sign her marriage certificate should she meet the right person. I will also get to sign when Nora gets her first house, applies for the birth certificates for her children, or gets passports for a family holiday. I am at the center of Nora’s life, and even though I don’t think she thinks about it very often as signatures are often taken fore granted, I know that she is satisfied with the work I do and respects me for it, and this makes me love my life.

Transformed Saw

by Rebecca Taylor

**Previously published in Perspectives Magazine**

What am I? I am glad that you asked because I have a great story to tell you. I began my life as a hand saw with a wooden handle and a metal blade. I worked hard and sharpened my teeth on wood and helped my master to get his work as a carpenter done. But, when I grew old and my master retired, I was sold in a garage sale. My handle was rickety, and my blade was rusty from the years of hard work that I had done. I was scared of what was going to happen to me. I didn’t want to be tossed into the garbage because I wasn’t as useful as I used to be. Because of my age and wear and more people using power tools, I knew that the likelihood of someone wanting to buy me was unlikely. I sat out on a table in the sunshine all day on Saturday and barely anyone looked at me. This made me sad, but I understood. It was raining on Sunday and we were moved from the outside into a garage. Less people stopped by to see me and the other items for sale, but we still had some visitors. We could hear children playing and adults talking in the multi-family sale. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of people enjoying life. I was nervous though of what would happen at the end of the sale if someone didn’t buy me.


But I was fortunate because I never had to find out. Near the end of the day, a man came and bought me. He took me home to his garage and began to draw on me with some sort of chalk. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but there was a mirror in the room, and I could see the designs that he was putting on my metal body. There were images of trees and flowers and I was looking forward to seeing where this man’s creativity would go. When he was finished drawing on me, he left for the night. I went to sleep feeling content on his workbench. The next morning, the man returned carrying a cup of coffee in his hand. He sat down and looked me over while he sipped on his hot beverage. Then, he got out some sort of tool and because to make careful and detailed cuts where he had made the design. I have since learned that the tool is called a plasma cutter and it is a favourite for metal artists like the man who had bought me. The sparks from the plasma cutter didn’t hurt me and neither did the cuts. I was simply in awe of the man’s talents as I watched what he was doing in the mirror. When he was finished, he buffed me and then clear coated me, and then left me on the workbench to dry. A few days later, the man came back and picked me up. He tied a red bow to my handle and then headed outside and put me on the backseat of his grey pick-up truck. The ride wasn’t long, and we soon arrived at a party. I could tell because of all the banners that said ‘Happy birthday’ on them. I was added to a pile of presents and was so pleased when the young woman whose birthday it was finally saw me. She thanked the man who had made me for the exquisite gift of repurposed art. Now, I live on the woman’s wall in her office. She looks at me everyday with a smile on her face. I was once old, but I have been made new and will live forever in my new form as wall art. I couldn’t have asked for a better retirement. I am still a saw, just a different version of what I once was.


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Hearts United – Chapter 17

by: Rebecca Taylor

Sienna was nervous as she climbed out of Ben’s car at the community center where his sister Jennifer was throwing the thirtieth anniversary party.

“You okay?” asked Ben.

“Fine,” said Sienna, “just processing.”

“I know you’re scared of what is going to happen,” said Ben, “the future worries me too, but I have decided that what happens will. We have met, and we have lots of time before Todd comes home and makes the decision about whether the two of you should meet or not.”

“It’s not just that,” said Sienna, “meeting someone’s parents is a big milestone. I think of Todd often, but it hasn’t been with the same urgency, since we’ve been seeing each other. I don’t know if it is because I know that my dreams were true, or if it is because I have opened my heart to the possibility of love, and the fact that there are different paths available to me.”

“That pretty head of yours is doing too much thinking,” said Ben. “I just want you to have fun tonight.” He walked around the car to the passenger side where Sienna was standing. He took her in his arms and kissed her.

“That was so good,” said Sienna.

“And I’ve got plenty more where that came from,” said Ben.

“I am so lucky,” said Sienna, “I think we’d better go in now, or I might decide to keep you all to myself for the night.”

“Tempting,” said Ben with a laugh. He took Sienna’s hand and they walked together into the large building. It was already filling up with people. Jennifer caught sight of Ben and waved him over.

“Jenn, this is Sienna,” said Ben.

“Nice to meet you,” said Jennifer, “Ben has told me so much about you.”

“I hope that is a good thing,” said Sienna with a gentle laugh.

“Of course,” said Jennifer. She glanced at her watch. “Mom and Dad should be here in about ten minutes. They don’t know that this is for them. They think they’re coming to a Jack and Jill for the daughter of friends of theirs.”

“They are going to be so surprised,” said Ben.

“You’ve got to see the cake,” said Jennifer, “the decorator did an amazing job.”

Jennifer, Ben and Sienna walked over to the cake chatting as they went. Sienna found that she felt at ease with Ben’s sister and she found herself to looking forward to meeting his parents, despite being nervous about it. What worried her the most was knowing that she would probably have a difficult decision to make in time. She loved Ben so much that it hurt to think about the future, but as she felt such a strange connection to Todd, she knew that she had to at least meet him when he returned from active duty.

The lights went off and this brought Sienna back to the present. She and Ben walked closer to the front door of the community center.

“My parents are here,” said Ben quietly, “I recognize their car.”

“Get ready everyone,” said Jennifer.

As the door opened and Pamela and Peter Timmons walked in, everyone shouted, “Happy anniversary.”

“Oh, wow,” said Pamela clutching her husband’s arm, “I wasn’t expecting this.”

“Neither was I,” said Peter, “but it is a lovely thing that you have done for us, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Jennifer, “we have this place all evening, so you’ll have lots of time to celebrate, but first, you’ve got to meet Ben’s girlfriend.”

“Yes, of course,” said Pamela. She approached Ben.

“This is Sienna,” said Ben, “meet my mother, Pamela and my father Peter.”

“We have heard some lovely things about you,” said Pamela, “it’s nice to finally meet.”

“Thank you,” said Sienna, “I’ve heard nice things about you too. Happy anniversary”

“Thank you, dear,” said Pamela, “Peter and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on things, but we’ve always managed to talk things through and work out the rough patches. If things get touch in your relationship with Ben, don’t forget that.”

“I will keep that advice close at hand,” said Sienna.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you,” said Pamela, “but I suppose we’d better do the rounds and say hello to everyone first.”

“Of course,” said Sienna, “see you later.”

When the music started, Ben led Sienna out onto the dance floor. In the dim lights, Ben held Sienna in his arms and they waltzed in harmony. It felt so right, that it made Sienna feel slightly guilty, even though she knew that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She knew that in time everything would sort itself out.

“One day at a time,” whispered Ben.

“Yes, one day at a time,” answered Sienna kissing Ben’s cheek as the song ended.

Book Review – The Moderna Way


I have had the opportunity to have my novel, The Moderna Way reviewed by The Red Headed Book Lovers Blog. Click on this link to read the review.

Also visit the blog for other reading suggestions. Also, do you have a book that you would like to recommend? Post it in the comments below.

New work will be appearing on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that!

Hearts United – Chapter 16

by: Rebecca Taylor

Todd Brody sat in the barracks with his comrades.

“My mother met her,” said Todd.

“She met your mystery lover?” asked Jack Lawrence.

“She is not my mystery lover,” said Todd, “I’m not much of a believer in fate, not with what we see over here.”

“What did your mother think?” asked Carrie Rimico.

“She liked her,” said Todd, “but she’s also dating someone else right now.”

“If you want to get to know her, you’d better contact her soon, before she’s too involved with this other guy,” said Carrie.

“I have no desire to be part of a love triangle, especially not with Caralee to think about,” said Todd.

“What else did ya mother say?” asked Jack.

“That she believed that Sienna was genuine in her knowledge about me,” said Todd, “and that she cares about me. I don’t understand caring about people you’ve never met before.”

“Seriously,” said Carrie, “with the work we do, we care about and protect people we don’t know every day.”

“It isn’t the same thing,” said Todd, “we are fighting for what is right, for justice and a good life for the people here, we don’t have intimate knowledge about their personal lives.”

“Maybe if you’d be willing to open your mind and heart to love with her, you’d enjoy some of the dreams that she has been having,” said Carrie.

“Enough,” said Todd, “there’s nothing more to discuss. When I return home, I will decide what to do next. I might just contact her and tell her that I’m cutting her loose from whatever dreams she’s been having, and that she has no responsibility to me and that she can continue dating whoever it is that she is.”

“How noble,” said Carrie rolling her eyes, “besides in three months, she might not even be dating him anymore.”

“I’ll deal with it, when I’m back on home soil,” said Todd, “after I’ve had time to see my daughter and parents again.”

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