Hearts United – Chapter 4

by: Rebecca Taylor

Sienna brushed her hair in front of the bathroom mirror and reapplied her make‑up hoping to look half-way presentable for the TV cameras. It was pouring rain outside and she had gotten soaked coming out of work. Thankfully, she was wearing a jacket and when she took it off, the depth of her drenching didn’t show. She walked out of the ladies’ room and headed down the hall to the reception area where she sat to wait for Ellen Young. Her hands were shaking a bit and it wasn’t from the cold. She was nervous about the meeting and what the interviewer would ask. She knew that she had written sounded somewhat crazy and under normal circumstances, Sienna would have raised an eyebrow at the thought of doing what she was doing, but she felt miserable sometimes, wondering about Todd, and whether or not he could love her, if he was safe, what kind of a mother she could to his little girl.

Sienna had been waiting about five minutes when Ellen came to get her and together they walked into her office.

“It’s nice to meet,” said Ellen, “I must say you have an interesting story to tell.”

“Yes,” answered Sienna, “And I know it probably sounds silly, but Todd is so real to me. If he exists, which in my heart, I believe he does, I want to find him. Otherwise, why could I see him so clearly in my dreams?”

“There are no guarantees that he’ll come forward if he is out there,” replied Ellen.

“I know, but I want to try, if you’re willing to give me a chance.”

“We’ll give it a try, and we’ll get our researchers looking for him too, but if he is military like you think, it may not be possible to find him through the usual channels. Have you tried finding him on social media?”

“I’ve looked online but there are so many Todd Brody’s, I don’t know where to start and it’s so nerve wracking trying to think of what to write to a man, one who I love so much, and how do I weed out the ones that aren’t him. Ms. Young, I’m usually a private person, but I feel like I’m losing myself wanting to meet my Mr. Right.”

“What if Todd Brody isn’t him? What if you meet him and find out that he’s nothing like you’ve fantasized?”

“I think it would be easier to deal with the truth than to keep wondering.”



Hearts United – chapter 3

by: Rebecca Taylor

Ellen Young was reading her e-mails at her desk at the television station where she worked. She was looking for an interesting story for the network to run, when she came across Sienna’s e-mail. She read the three paragraphs, which explained how Sienna was in love with a man she had never met in person, had never spoken with or corresponded with, however he had shown up night after night in her dreams and she needed to know if he was out there, and if he was if he was for her.

Interesting, thought Ellen, this letter is well written, but chances are this is just an unbalanced woman trying to get some attention from the media but it might be worth meeting her, see if we could run a segment from this…maybe tie it into something to do with finding lost loves. She wrote an e-mail back to Sienna inviting her into the studio the next week.

Sienna read the e-mail that she had received back, and shrugged her shoulders to loosen them. She was tired and now she had her moment of desperation to contend with. She knew that she could write back and delay the interview, or tell Ellen Young that she had changed her mind and wasn’t interested, but Sienna also knew that she had started to get the ball rolling on what might be her only chance at finding Todd. He might see her on the television and know that she was the one he had been waiting for, or he might think she was insane. She knew that she wouldn’t blame him if he did, after all if some man went on TV looking for her; she knew that she would probably be a bit more than skeptical. There are some risks worth taking, maybe this is one of them, she thought as she got up to put a frozen entree into the microwave for supper. What is my mother going to think when she hears about this? What if Todd Brody doesn’t exist? What if he is just a figure of my imagination? How on earth can I love a man that I’ve never met, a man that I don’t even know if he is real or not?

Hearts United – Chapter 2

by Rebecca Taylor

It had been a long day at work and Sienna was yawning as she tried to relax on the sofa at home reading her favourite advice column in the newspaper. She was getting less and less sleep each night, thoughts of Todd Brody drove her almost crazy. She wanted to find him so badly, needed to know if he was just a beautiful figment of her imagination or a real person who needed her as badly as she felt that she needed him. It was a cold windy evening when she sat down at her computer and composed a letter to the local television station. She knew that it sounded crazy, and she was usually rational but at the moment she was feeling like anything but her usual self. If her Todd Brody really existed she needed to know about it. She wanted to meet him and then see what happened, if they were not meant to be together, so be it. She could take that and move on with her life but she couldn’t stand not knowing if they had a chance at a life together, the possibility of true love and happiness with this man who kept showing up in her dreams and if she could, she meant to find out.

Hearts United – Chapter 1

Over the next several weeks I hope to post chapters from this novel that I am working on. Your feedback would be wonderful.

By: Rebecca Taylor

Sienna Abbott took a sip from her coffee cup and then went back to keying figures into her computer. She pushed the thoughts of the man of her dreams back to concentrate on the task at hand. She enjoyed her job but wished that Todd Brody would walk through the door. There was only one problem, she had never actually met Todd; it only felt like she did. Thoughts of him lit up her heart like a glowing sunbeam, this man who visited her dreams every night felt so real to her.  The things she knew about him from their nightly rendezvous were immense, and she wrote them down every morning to avoid forgetting the images and information that filled her head night after night. Something told her that he was older than she by about twenty years, old enough to be her father, but he wasn’t and she didn’t him to be. Sienna felt that he was in the military and also had a young daughter. She knew that Todd wasn’t currently involved with anyone except for her and that he belonged with her. She had run computer searches for Todd Brody but there were hundreds of them in the country and the search expanded to even more if you did a global search. Besides, she knew that his military information would be restricted. Having never met this man who held her heart left her feeling so good yet so tied in knots at the same time, she didn’t know what to do.

A Sweater’s Love Song

by: Rebecca Taylor

Lacey had her sweater wrapped gently around her. It made her think of the way life should be. It was warm and comfortable. It was made of soft fibers and when she wore it, it made her feel good. Someday she hoped to find someone to share her life with who made her feel like her sweater did but in a deeper way. She thought that perhaps it should make her feel the way she did when she took her sweater out of the dryer – warm and receiving little signals from the tingling shocks it gave off. Lacey believed that finding the perfect person to be in her life ought to be like pairing accessories with her sweater – it all just fit together and felt right. At the end of the day she hung up her sweater and smiled, knowing she’d get to wear it again soon. It was a comforting thought.

Eyes of a Bystander

by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously Published by Barebacklit in 2014**

I can see the path you’re taking starting to crumble

like a cliff’s edge that you should stay away from.

My desire to shout a warning sticks hard in my chest

wondering how you’d take it.

I’m just a bystander in your life

someone you see every day.

Your life is on the verge of being upside down

like a hurricane rushed through it.

The way you’re fighting these fierce winds of change

is so unwise, you’ve got to give  some things time.

Feel sad, be angry, but don’t turn to destruction

this is no time for a collision.

Stay on this road and you’re going to lose

more than you think you already have.

Maybe you’d say I’ve never been where you have

you’re right but sometimes common sense must prevail.

The answers you need are not found in liquid,

you’re using it like a broken life raft.

This time you’re going to have to swim with strength

to battle the tumultuous tides in the ocean.

Painted Pumpkins

by: Rebecca Taylor

Leaves rustled overhead as Tania Hanson and her daughter Mariah walked outside to their pumpkin patch. It was time to choose one and take it inside to decorate it. Tania had several stencils of cats, leaves, witches and other Halloweeny things that she knew her daughter would enjoy. Tania always liked painted pumpkins better than carved ones because they lasted longer.

“This is so much fun, Mom,” said Mariah.

“I’m glad that you like it, honey,” said Tania, “I’m glad we can do it together.”

“Me too,” said Mariah, “I just wish that Dad could be here to do it with us.”

“He told me he should be home next week and we can skype him to show him what our painted pumpkins look like,” replied Tania.

“Alright,” said Mariah, “I want to paint a special one for him.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” said Tania.

Together the mother and daughter duo selected their pumpkins and then they put them in the wheelbarrow to take them closer to the house.

It was moments like this that Tania lived for. She enjoyed creating special moments with her daughter, and with her husband when he was home. He traveled frequently for business and she didn’t get to see him as much as she would have liked. She, however, didn’t let that get her down. Instead, she felt incredibly blessed that technology kept them connected so that she and Mariah could share their everyday lives with him even when he was away. She knew that his face would light up with a smile and that his blue eyes would twinkle with the love that they carried when he saw what she and Mariah had been up to. Painted pumpkins and hot apple cider, what a better way to spend a Saturday in autumn.

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