When I found http://writerunboxed.com (via a reference from a writers magazine), I didn’t know I had found one of the greatest writing blogs that is out there, one that I continuously visit. Writer Unboxed was one of the forces that spurred me on to create two blogs of my own and I still go to Writer Unboxed for writing inspiration and advice because they have a large amount of quality content that all relates to writing. It is my favorite blog.

I’m also a part of the the Writer Unboxed Facebook group which has been a tremendous help because it allows writers to ask craft-related questions and get specific advice from writers ALL OVER THE WORLD. (Vaughn Roycroft, one of the leaders among the WU staff, has a fantastic post about the group here: http://writerunboxed.com/2013/07/02/community-revisited/) I think that connecting with other writers and sharing great tidbits is the true magic of Writer Unboxed and am thankful to be a reader of their blog and member of their Facebook group!