When leggings came into fashion a few years back, I thought they were awful and told myself repetitively that I would never ever wear them.

Now I have some myself that I’ve completely worn out. I guess I just got used to the idea.

When brightly colored sunglasses came into style, I told myself that I didn’t like them. They were ugly.

I kept seeing them and they sort of grew on me. Once I found a pair in the clearance section, I was done. Sold.

Eventually, Jaime Milligan came into style and I was concerned. It wasn’t that he was popular or anything and I didn’t really like him.

His style should have been avoidable.

You see, his style as a person was trending in an underground sort of way. He just had this air about him and these clothes that almost didn’t match but worked together for him anyways.

I did not avoid him like I’d planned to.

I’m actually dating Jaime Milligan. I sometimes buy him clothes that match, though, just so that he isn’t always nonmatching.

I wasn’t as surprised when I came around to his style as the earlier times. He is a stylish boy and I work well with that.

Unfortunately, there is this new book that just came out. It’s called Fortuna Single and it is about this girls encounter with the goddess Fortuna. As you may have guessed, Fortuna is the goddess of luck and fate.

Anyhow, this girl in the book is fated to be single from the age of 20 until the age of 30. She is devastated at first but eventually decides that she can rock her own fortune and make luck bend her way.

I thought the book was a whole bunch of hogwash when I first read the back cover. But it got on the New York Times bestselling list and I recently bought it…

Bye-bye Jaime Milligan.