by: Rebecca Taylor

The human heart keeps the person alive but what is it that keeps a story alive? I believe that the heart of the story is as equally important as a human heart. However, it is much harder to define a story’s heart. Is it the characters, the emotions, the storyteller’s passion, or something much deeper and indescribable? Like humans, a story cannot live without many different things, characters, plot, conflict, a voice. One cannot really say that one of these is more important than another just as no human could ever say that they could survive if they had a heart and no lungs. A story should strive to be a passionate entity just as a human should, for without passion or a joy for life one really has nothing. A writer must have zeal for the piece they are writing just as a farmer must feel passionate about the animals they are caring for and the crops they are cultivating. Like any job or hobby there will be trying times, writers will get writer’s block and most likely typist cramp too every now and then but nothing worth having is ever easy. All bookkeepers occasionally hate numbers, all knitters become frustrated from time to time as their balls of yarn become tangled and they drop stitches but as long as you stick to whatever it is that you are doing, it will all work out in the end. Do not give up on your writing, your body, your job, or your hobby and most importantly on yourself. It is as Eleanor Roosevelt says, “One must do the things they think they cannot do,” and as much as one gets to a point in their writing when they say I don’t know what to write next or the number of rejection notes for one story is piling up and you’re thinking now where do I turn, you must go on. You haven’t lost if you keep going because some day things will just click, someone else will feel the passion, the heart of your story and know that it is right for what they are publishing. No matter what, it is you who must keep the story; the excitement of the story alive, you the writer created it and it is you who will nourish it and lead it through its life on a road full of journeys just as you would with a newborn child.