*Prompt based off the picture from Monday

There are places, all over the world, that signal a change. These places might be train stations, retail centers or simply a landmark such as a big oak tree. Everyone has one of these places; people make decisions and life goes on.

I remember my first place that I felt signaled a change in my life.

It was when I entered Victoria Secret and bought something for the first time. Victoria Secret is a store mainly centered around the older girls who needed fancy lingerie. But it also has really comfortable clothes like yoga pants and higher end bras.

When I left that store, I felt older and more sophisticated. The world looked just a bit different.

The thing about Victoria Secret was that I wanted that change because I knew it was something I was ready to experience. I wanted to wear bras that felt good and were higher quality than the one’s I had previously been buying.

Time has passed and the bridge looming through my windshield is not as nice looking as Victoria Secret was all those years ago. It is the bridge that signals that I’m finally moving on with my life and taking a path that I want to go on. It means I’m taking a semester off of school to go and work for my Aunt and Uncle at a good paying job but nothing to what I should probably be trying for.

The bridge means that I left the beaten track of my friends and my original future plans. And the bridge is getting closer.

I don’t know if I’m ready for this. I’ve never been the type of girl to do something that won’t necessarily better my future. I’ve always been the ambitious type who does as she is told.

I am crossing the bridge now. And it hits me. This is a place of mine that signals a change. It’s me, making my own choices and possibly my own mistakes.

To everyone else, it probably just looks like an average bridge, just another place.

But it is more than that to me. It’s a bridge I’m done crossing but I will never forget.