He had never liked me, I know that now. I had tried so hard to be his friend and I thought that it would work out with Rob.

But he had his own mind and he didn’t like me.

All the questions and all the extra hard work to try to get him to be my friend hadn’t worked. I would never be one of his friends. He might be nice to me but he would never hang out with me unless he had to.

I remember the day I asked him if he wanted to hang out. He didn’t outright reject me, he simply turned the conversation away from that topic or made a joke so as to avoid the question.

I was over it now and he wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t sure if it was worth trying to make friends with people, it was always so difficult.

A loud drawer closing pulled me out of my reverie. I was at work, one of those office jobs that most people hate. But I sort of liked it because of the people.

“Jamie, how’s it going?” asked the new hire, Trevor. I didn’t know Trevor very well but hoped he wasn’t like Rob.

I smiled. “Good, just another day in the life.”

He said, “Yeah, I don’t really know anyone here.”

I made a decision right then. I made the decision to not let the rejection of some random guy change my life view or hinder me as I went along to make new friends. I said I could show him a good place for lunch, if he wanted.

It was his turn to smile and he accepted my invite.

Maybe the other guy just wasn’t worth it and I could move on. I probably wouldn’t forget it, but I could still move on.