Sometimes I don’t have time to write. It’s the truth. I suppose some would say I don’t make time to write and I guess that could be true as well.

But there are some things I do when I don’t have time to write and there are a few things I do:

1. Keep a notebook or file or anything you can write on (I use my phone notepad, calendar, etc). This helps me store ideas for later use when I have more time. Also, it helps me remember ideas for a later time rather than losing them in my mind.

2. Let the story ideas come to you! I tend to get random story ideas from real life events later I twist and turn them so that they become fiction.

3. Imagine stories in your head before you go to bed. If helps me flesh out ideas and characters and then the next day I can rethink over my storyline and decide if I want to use it.

Those are my three tips for writing when you don’t have time. What are some things that work for you?