by: Rebecca Taylor

based on this week’s prompt

Miranda raced out her front door, her bare feet making prints in the sand. When she reached the water’s edge, she stretched her arms out and spun around. Her years of ballet training had prepared her for this joyous moment. Moments ago, she had hung up the phone with her boyfriend, he was coming home and he planned to make up all their lost time. He had told his father that he wanted to open his own business and not be a marketing executive at his exclusive advertising firm. His father had been angry but Jerrod had finally stood on his own two feet and chosen the woman he loved over a career he had no interest in. Miranda knew it would be hard, that it would take time for Jerrod to build up a clientele in the carpentry business but Miranda had grown up knowing how to be frugal, she knew that they could make it work as long as they stuck together.

Miranda was still standing in the water when night began to fall around her. The sun was going down over the water in a splendid design of orange hues. Her heart was jumping excitedly because she would finally have a life that she too dreamed of. She had lived in this small town forever and after a series of disastrous relationships she had met Jerrod. Being with him felt right, she smiled just thinking about him and his kisses melted her like butter on hot toast. He had had to leave to be a man he’d told her, it was what his power yielding father wanted. “Come with me,” he’d begged but they both knew that she couldn’t because her father was getting older and needed more help to run the family bakery. Her older sister was in New York trying to become a fashion designer and her younger brother had a wife and four kids in the city a few hours away so the shouldering of the family responsibilities had fallen to Miranda. It wasn’t that she minded doing it; it was just that sometimes she wished that she could have had the freedom to follow her dreams and Jerrod. She was finally loved by a man who treated her with kindness and respect and she couldn’t run after him.

After another few minutes, she turned and headed back to the shore, she ran along the water’s edge, hearing the slurping of the sand and water meet with every step. The beach house which belonged to her grandmother was a place that made her feel free even when her life didn’t.

“Hi Beautiful,” said a voice behind her.

“Jerrod,” she cried out joyously as she turned around. “How did you get here this fast?”

“I called you from the road. I was packed last night. I’ve been thinking about coming back to you for months,” he said wrapping his arms around her as she ran to him and collapsed against his chest. “What my dad wanted for me is nothing compared to how badly I want you.”

“I can’t believe you’re here already, I didn’t think I would see you until tomorrow at the earliest.”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“You sure did. My wish came true, I keep looking at the stars and hoping that you were here and finally you are.”

“I am,” he said dropping to one knee in the sand. 

Miranda gasped, “Jerrod,” she said quietly.

“Miranda Keller will you marry me?”

“Yes,” she replied, her voice sure yet quiet. “I can’t believe it, you come home tonight and we get engaged right away. This is unbelievable.”

“We’re going to have many happy moments here – together.”

“Forever,” whispered Miranda.

“Yes, Beautiful, you and I are going share many todays and tomorrows together.”

Hand in hand they walked along the beach back to the house, their life together had begun.