t has happened again. The moment where I need that escape from the world. The moment where I can’t believe something bad happened again. The moment where I just don’t understand what in the world is going on and why it’s happened again.


The moment where I can only remember the bad events from my past.


These moments happen when I don’t know what to do.


I then pick up a book.  Once I start reading I’m lost from the world. I forget it all.


The rude people. The stupid actions. The forgetfulness. The anger and the pain. The heartbreak. The aloneness.


I read and after a few lines my mind is transported and away. Gone from these people and this life. Gone to think about a different life, a different way, a different day.


I lose myself to the book and forget everything that is happening to me. I forget about myself and just concentrate on someone else. This other world consumes me and takes over little by little and I’m lost until the alarm goes off, the ticking clock.


Tick tock. Tick tock.


I put the book down but I will be back because I haven’t quite managed to fully escape from where I am or who I am. I never will.


It’s almost beautiful in a tragic sort of way.


These moments happen sometimes and eventually the clock-tick tock-makes it better and I move on and on and forget what brought on that particular moment.


These moments are dreadfully gorgeous.