by: Rebecca Taylor

With so many writers in the world how do we make our writing unique? I believe we can manage this because:


1. We are all individuals with different thoughts and feelings, which means even if we’re given the same writing prompt or first line, we will all create something different. We can do this by choosing a different writing form (i.e. poem, article, short story), point of view, time period or setting.


2. Writing has rules but we all interpret them differently which means that our writing process will vary and this will change how our writing turns out. Some of us keep grueling outlines of what will happen when and how and some of us do little planning when it comes to writing, preferring to be more spontaneous


3. We have all lived through different experiences and these unique experiences mean we have different insight into events. For example, if you were asked to write something ‘formula fiction’ like boy meets girl, they fall in love, we would all do something different, because our relationships with other people or how we would like relationships to be, will have some impact on the outcome of the story. The difference in dialogue and characterization make a big difference in our writing.


4. We all describe people, places and events differently. For example, if we are writing about mountains in the fall, I might say the leaves colourful combinations breathed life into the mountains. However, another description could describe this scene equally well, i.e. Kate couldn’t take her eyes off the mountains, she could have stared at their colourful decorations all day.


5. We all have different people proofread our work. The proofreaders are unique and therefore, their comments all vary meaning the changes we might make to our story are different. The combination of the writer and readers feedback help to push our stories closer to being finished.


In conclusion, I think it is important to remember that we are writing something unique, and that our ideas come from many places. We should however, be vigilant to not copy the work of someone else. If we read a great book that we love so much, we can study the form and analyze what we liked to help us develop a great story using characters, settings and plot that we ourselves have developed.