by: Rebecca Taylor

(this was a contest entry to a Perspectives Magazine challenge a few years ago).


Dear Reader,


            What a day this has been, a true test of my fate, you can read my journal entry to find out more.


March 19th, xxxx


Dear Journal,


            Here we are the day before spring, what a day it has been. This morning I awoke as my alarm clock started playing Anne Murray’s “Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” the sunshine was gleaming on the snow outside my window in Winterland. When I first woke up, I could not believe that I had spent the night having a terrifying yet fulfilling experience. I spent the night dreaming about a couple that needed my assistance in getting back together, so with a group of snowflake friends, we knocked out electric and telephone wires and brought them back together. It was very romantic. I was just sitting up in bed this morning, when out of nowhere the Spirit of Spring appeared, a frightening experience, his dark eyes were like sketch pads and his heart was aflame with powerful emotions. He was dressed all in grass green and on his head was a straw hat that was topped with a bird’s nest figurine. He was opaque yet you could see the flames in his heart, the sight of him made me shudder. I had a difficult time identifying his odor; it was a mixture of flowers, rain and mud. He stood there at the foot of my bed for several minutes before speaking.

            “I am the Spirit of Spring; I am here because you need to learn the real meaning of appreciation.”

            “But I already know about appreciation,” I answered, “I just had a dream about it. It has made everything a lot clearer.”

            “You may understand some of your life better now, because of what you did in that dream, but dreams don’t take away fears, only make you face them if you’re strong enough to try.”

            “The dream must prove what is going to happen on hopefully my last trip to Earth.”

            “It only proves what you want to happen. Do you have enough courage to go to Earth and face the crowds and the cold and the unknown?”

            “Why are you here? This has nothing to do with Spring; it’s Dr. Frost who gave me the assignment.”

            “There are many different reasons why a Spirit like me could come to you. Let me tell you why I’m here, you’re feeling guilty because you don’t really care about what happens to Craig and Jolene Freshman, you just want to be able to retire. Your job is to make them proud to be touched by a snowflake, but if you’re selfish you can’t do it.”

            “Maybe so, but still why are you here, it’s still winter and I’m a snowflake, so why didn’t the Spirit of Winter come to me, not you.”

            “It’s the last day of Winter; I was wide awake and raring to go, Spirit of Winter is very busy working with the Seasonal Council on deciding how his season should leave. I have a meeting with them later to go over the forecast. Weathermen, hog wash, only the Seasonal Council with the Spirits of the Seasons can control the weather. The trouble is that sometimes our signals get messed up and there are devastating effects. Anyway, that’s a different story than what we’re talking about, if you’re going to make a real difference before you retire, you need to really care, because otherwise you may be sent to the Freezing Rain Squad, and you know what that means with your temperature issue, instead of returning to Winterland to retire. Role models are needed, can you be one?”

            “Yes, I can, really I can, I’ll do better. I promise.”

            “The Ruler of Snowflakes will hold you to that, remember either you do a good job or else you’re going to be ice, literally,” replied the Spirit of Spring, and then he was gone as quickly as he had entered my bedroom and as strangely.

Spring time is a time for new beginnings which often mean changes, and I wondered what this meant for me, would I succeed on my earthly mission or would I end up desolate in the Freezing Rain Squad, a dismal ending for a snowflake, if your destiny is to be freezing rain, that’s one thing but I was born a snowflake and that is how I would like to stay. Could I embrace my fears and then return to Winterland where I wanted to spend the rest of my life or was I going to be shipped off to stand a different fate. It was the not knowing that made my snowy fingers tremble. Well, Journal, I guess there isn’t much more to say but that I have to get going and see where my life is heading,


Until I write again,




            I closed my journal and heard the clasp go snap. I headed to my closet and picked up my suitcase and headed for the door, for a brief moment I contemplated turning around and repacking, I was thinking about running away instead of taking on the mission that Dr. Frost had given me but I knew I couldn’t because then maybe I would end up as freezing rain and I could not let that happen to me. With suitcase in hand I reflected on the items inside, a stress ball to calm my nerves when I became encircled in crowds, a book of poetry because I thought maybe somehow I could use it on the unhappy earth couple, a package of sparkles and a paint brush, which I did not know how I might use them but when I was shopping had been drawn to them. And just before I plummeted softly to earth with the gentle guidance of the wind, I faced the public, which I could not see but knew were there, and said, “Remember you can try to run from your fear but you’ll only be hurting yourself because the one thing you cannot run from is yourself.”