Because we all need a kick in the pants sometimes.

  1. Bribe yourself. Example: If I write for two hours, I will go buy that hat for myself.
  2. Put on inspirational music while you write. Examples: movie soundtracks, classical piano, instrumental versions of your favorite songs
  3. Set a timer.
  4. Eat a meal before you write. You’ll have energy, and then the distraction of “I’m hungry” will have no place in your writing session.
  5. Have an accountability partner waiting for a word count of how much you wrote.
  6. Have a reward waiting for yourself after your writing session. Examples: chocolate, pie, a movie
  7. Set a realistic word count goal. Example: I will stop writing once I have added 900 words.
  8. Set a scene goal. Example: I will finish the scene in which Renée meets her grandma for the first time.
  9. Find a word war Facebook group, and actually word war with other writers. (A word war a timed race in which writers race to motivate each other. It’s invigorating and wonderful.)
  10. Set a water bottle by your desk. Every time you find yourself griping about writing, take a drink. Pretty soon you’ll be so sick of water, you’ll be begging yourself to stop drinking, stop complaining, and just write.
  11. Turn off your Wi-Fi signal or unplug your internet cable. Twitter and Facebook? Let them be a reward after you write.
  12. Write somewhere new. Examples: coffee shops, parks, your front steps, libraries, restaurants, your attic.
  13. Invite a writer friend over and have a writing session together.
  14. Drink several cups of coffee before you write. This can make for interesting scenes.
  15. If you don’t a have a deadline for your current writing project, give yourself one.
  16. Think of why you began writing in the first place. Use your reasons to motivation yourself.
  17. Think of your characters. Until you write their next actions, they are frozen in time, trapped forever in nothingness. Stop being cruel and write them back to life.
  18. Writers write. Don’t be a hypocrite.
  19. Realize that you have potential as a writer and then write. Smart people have potential and use it. Stupid smart people have potential but choose not to acknowledge what they could do. Don’t be a stupid smart person.
  20. Use reverse psychology. Remember any time when someone told you that writing was a silly or delusional or the like. Use that to empower you and prove them wrong.
  21. After you read this list, do not Google more ways to motivate yourself to write. Just rip off the Band-Aid and write. You’ll feel better once you do.