By: Rebecca Taylor


The writing world is often scary. Like the globe, it stretches far and wide and there are many paths and avenues we can follow. For example, should we make writing our careers or should we choose a career that is a bit more certain. I opted for the latter option, based on sound advice years ago. This doesn’t mean, I don’t still write as you can see because you’re reading this. Despite the fact that it is scary and exhilarating, often all at the same time, why should we write?


1. I think it’s in our blood. If we’re meant to do something we will, for me, writing is one of those things, it is therapeutic, it is good entertainment – I can spend lots of time doing it without spending much money.


2. We have something to say, and we need to say it. Writing can help you get it out there.


3. Writing is a discipline and it requires editing. This is a good thing because sometimes when we have something to say, it requires proper thought formulation in order to make it convincing and not a rant. Editing can help us filter the writing so we only keep the necessary points.


4. To challenge ourselves. Yes, we’re going to be rejected but we have to understand that that doesn’t mean we didn’t have valid points in our articles, that our poems weren’t humorous or poignant, that our short stories and novels didn’t have great characters that were relatable. It just means that at the time that our work was read by a panel, or one or more editors, that their publication didn’t have the need for what we wrote or it didn’t strike the same emotions in them that it did in you. We all like different things, we all feel different ways when we read different pieces. It all comes down to interpretation. So we pick ourselves up, ponder the letter if it has constructive personalized comments in it and pick up our pen or head back to the keyboard and get to work again.


5. Whatever, the reason you write, you must keep at it, because as we write we grow. We learn new skills, develop new ideas and sometimes we get a yes on our writing. Getting a letter or e‑mail that says I want your work, is an amazing feeling and we want more of it, so we continue our craft.