The season of autumn may be ending, but the writers of fantastic blogs are still going strong! Enjoy our pick of the writing posts from this month. What are your favorite reads?

Forget the Excuses and Follow Your Dreams on Novel Rocket

An interview with budding author Amy Matayo. Learn details of her writing process, such as how she found an agent.

Beyond Skin Deep Dialogue on Go Teen Writers

A fantastic guide to characterization through the medium of dialogue.

The Voices: Who Are You Listening To? on The Writer’s Alley

An inspiration post about listening to truth as a writer.

99 Ways to Market Art on Copy Blogger 

99 ideas for improving your marketing strategy when it comes to your art – writing.

The Typewriter Trap on The Freelance Strategist 

A quick blog entry about what drives a few freelance journalists to write – this could be true in whatever you write.

Don’t Leave Your Reader Behind on The Writer’s Alley 

Good tips on how to make smooth transitions in your writing – this blog post is well written and humorous.

No Limits: The Emerging New Adult Market on Writer Unboxed

An informational read about New Adult.

Writing in the Internet era: A conversation with Sarah McCarry on Nathan Bransford’s blog

About social media and writing.

A Writer’s Greatest Tool on The Writers Alley

Read it to find out the greatest tool of a writer!