There are blogs and books and and conferences  out there that seem to know it all. Visit their website, pages or location and it’s filled with the advice of what seems like seasoned experts who went to some Worldly Writing Academy and have gained Great Knowledge.

What I think writers forget to remember (myself included) is that no one knows it all. Writers forget the unmentionable fact of how, while you could define the word writing and picture the act of writing, it is an intangible concept.People forget about the disclaimer the author inserts on how the tricks and tips they are giving are simply what worked for them and not necessarily what works for everyone.

I think that, once in a while, we forget that there is no Worldly Writing Academy and that sometimes we need to forge our own advice. That sometimes Great Knowledge and the intangible degree from WWA is not something you study for. Its something you practice at.

Its all about looking at the unmentionable fact that no one knows it all. We write to learn it all.