by: Rebecca Taylor

For this month’s writing reflection, I decided to share with you all of the wonderful things I like about when writing about the holidays.


  • You get to incorporate the food into the story and make your readers smell it, taste it and try it right along with your characters. If there is a food mishap, they might laugh or cry too. Maybe, your character gets invited to multiple Christmas meals, and mixes them up, so instead of bringing her cranberry gelatine salad that everyone has been hoping for, for weeks, she shows up with a tortiere.
  • Emotions can run high in a story all year round, but when it comes to the holidays, tension tends to be higher. Maybe last Christmas, your character had a major break-up and is now soured against the holidays, or her boyfriend has had to be away on business all year round and she will now be able to have his undivided attention over the holiday season.
  • Christmas is the time for miracles, so whether you write about something divine or a new holiday perspective, amazing things could be in store for your characters.
  • There are so many holiday symbols that can be incorporated into your story – mistletoe and love, snow in places you don’t often see it, Santa Claus and believing, stars and wishes, Christmas trees and ornamental memories. The list could go on forever. Some of these scenarios have been used before, but have some fun and choose one and make it your own.


I hope my holiday thoughts have inspired you to write your own holiday story. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas this year.