Clarissa looked down at the city and felt small. Between the skyscrapers, parking ramps and ridiculous amounts of cars, she wondered how she mattered. How it could mean anything when she did something.

Her best friend Jaimy came to stand next to her. “Ya know, I think it’s great to look down from a high window. I always see what God sees-people who are lost and broken.”

“And that’s good?” Clarissa asked.

Jaimy looked at her to gauge her seriousness before responding; “God has made it so this city of broken people breaks my heart like it breaks his.”

Clarissa looked down once more. The fog was beginning to roll away and she could see each building more clearly. “I don’t know, it just seems so big, like there is too much stuff to ever have an impact.”

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth, Romans 1:16.” He replied, looking at me with what I like to call his ‘spiritual face.’ The face where Clarissa knew he was praying to God to figure out how to answer her innumerable questions and comments about her doubt in the faith.

His answer, of course, addressed the real problem. Clarissa knew, of course, that little things had an impact. That God could use her for his glory despite her doubt.

Clarissa was ashamed of the gospel sometimes. There was comfort in conformity and it was certainly okay to simply conform with the rest of the world, right?

Of course not. By the grace of God, Clarissa was saved. With that came the fact that she needed to share the gospel because who wouldn’t want to share the good news of Christ, the promise of salvation. How selfish did I need to be in order to forget that?

“I can see the wheels turning,” Jaimy said as he took a bite out of his apple. Clarissa turned and glared at him.

“Of course they are, Mr. Spiritual.” Clarissa said.

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” he replied, eyebrows raised and a smirk on his face. Clarissa rolled her eyes and walked over to the hotel table, grabbing a clementine.

“I would never shoot you,” Clarissa said as she took the peel off all in one piece, a small thing that always gave her great joy.

And it finally sunk in. Clarissa realized that God probably got joy from every small thing, no matter how insignificant, that his servants did for his glory.

“Lets go evangelize,” Clarissa told Jaimy and he smiled.

“Glory be to God.”