by: Rebecca Taylor

            From my office on the tenth floor of a high rise in this bustling city, my view is of other buildings stretching tall into the sky and the cars rushing by on the streets below, buses stopping to pick up city transit passengers. A few blocks over, a tiny dot of green can be seen, invisible if you didn’t know where you were looking. This dot is a park with a beautiful garden and water fountain and play sets for children. Sometimes, when I have a break in my day or need inspiration, I’ll put down my pen and memo pad and pick up my binoculars and look out on the beauty of this tranquil city spot. It is by some magic that this beauty isn’t hidden by the other buildings. Maybe I just got lucky to have this special office. My binoculars have led me to finding other possible happiness in my life too. In the building next door works a man with the most amazing smile. One day he noticed me adjusting my binoculars and gave me this wink. I had to laugh at what he must have been thinking. City buildings are so close together that people tend to lack privacy if they don’t close the blinds and closing the blinds means blocking out the sunlight so I think we have all learned to live with this invasion and because we are used to it, we rarely pay attention to what is happening with the other people around us who are not in our work circle. Well, on this particular day, Mr. Good Looking from next door was paying attention. Anyways, I looked at the park through my binoculars and got back to work. Life got busy and I didn’t think much about it for the next few weeks. Then, it happened. I was running errands and who should I meet on my way back to the office but the guy from next door.

            “I’ve seen you before,” he said.

            “You could say that,” I answered blushing. Some people you can pass all the time without noticing them but other people stand out and he was one of those people.

            “So, tell me,” he said, “is your office a front for an international spy agency?”

            “No,” I replied laughing, “I just like seeing what’s happening in the park. The water fountain, the flowers….”

            “Do you just watch it from way up there on the tenth floor or do you actually go there and enjoy it?”

            “I go there sometimes but mostly I just steal a few minutes here and there with my binoculars. Too many days, it is dark when I come to work and when I leave.”

            “Workaholic with a yearning for open spaces?” he asked.

            “Yes,” I answered, “you’ve got me pegged.”

            “I’m Scott.”

            “Anna,” I said.

            “We should grab a coffee sometime and enjoy the park,” he said.

            “I’d like that,” I answered and now here I am packing up my desk early, ready to go on a “date” at the park instead of seeing it from my high rise.