by: Rebecca Taylor

I wrote this article a few years ago and I think that it fits with the “On Writing” theme for this week because as writers we are compelled to write about different topics for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes we don’t know why but we need to sit and write about something. Maybe it was something that happened in the day or a few words that someone said that got you thinking. Our writing inspiration comes from so many places, some of which you may find in this article.


            Something unseen moves us. It propels special people to do some amazingly wonderful things for others. People we have never met can make us feel something. There is a spirit lurking in the shadows of our lives, a greater power pushing to let the light of human souls shine through.

            We can read the story of someone battling a terrible illness giving back to his or her community, the courage of this person touches our heart, and we feel empathy for them and their family not knowing what the future will hold and how much longer they will have their brave family member. We have never met the person we are reading about, we don’t know his or her family and friends but we care about them. Our desire is for this person to get better and from time to time for the rest of our lives we may remember this story and wonder what has become of them.

            It is important to feel compassion for others throughout our daily routines but we must also act. In many cases, it is hard to help someone we have never met but if you look around you will see people and organizations that can use you in your own community. When you feel the invisible spirit pushing you to do great things, do not ignore it. Everyone’s neighbourhood will be structured differently but they will all have some need, a need for you to reach out and help others. Explore volunteer possibilities, you may find the opportunity to read to or chat with seniors, make posters for your local Alzheimer’s walk, groom dogs for the animal shelter or any number of worthwhile activities which will make your spirit show. Helping others is contagious, if you can do it and do it with pride and joy others around you will want to get involved as well and before you know it a multitude of other activities in your neighbourhood may be possible. Your true spirit is your personality directory. It will portray you wherever you go within the world. It is necessary to have a positive outlook on life in order to accomplish the most in your lifetime. Think of the way you live your life as passing the Olympic torch, from one person to another so that passion is handed off. When you give of yourself to others, they will do the same, rallying everything possible into collective goals. If you believe, anything can come true. It is necessary to be proactive and make things happen.

            No matter how you use the spirit you were given, it is important to be happy with yourself for what you are doing. At the end of the day, you need to feel as good as the people you reached out to and helped. Helping others is a beautiful gift. When your heart feels as light as a feather and you fall asleep with a major sense of accomplishment the minute your head touches the pillow you know that you have provided a worthwhile service to someone else as well as yourself.