One day,

I won’t know you anymore

Nothing about me

Will still be familiar

To you…and nothing

About you

Will make me feel better

It simply won’t be

Like it is now


That painting on the wall

The one where

Vermeer painted

His hometown

And called it,

“View of Delft”

Yes, the one where

I can look at it

And lose myself


That painting

Won’t even remind me

Of how you’d make fun of me

And my “alternate universes”

But even if it does hold

A touch of the memory

It will be more the feelings

Of knowing you

But not the certainty

Of the friendship

We have now



Like it or not

One day,

I won’t know you anymore


Despite your protests,

I only speak a truth

One I have yet to accept

Because right now,

The painting still

Reminds me of you

And our memories


It reminds me of how

I still know you today

But come one day

In the future

I won’t know you anymore