April is poetry month! In honor of that, I’ll be posting two poems this month.  Hope you enjoy the first one. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Dear Fear


You and I are best friends.

That is, if it’s even possible

for an antagonist and a protagonist to be BFF’s.

We crossed paths a few times before,

but that day I careened through the foggy air

and thumped on the hard ground of the riding arena

was the day we entered into something more.

Everything that followed –

that invisible hippo on my chest refusing me oxygen,

that blade twisting in my back

that dent in my helmet

and then the flashbacks:

nightmareish and jerky like a low-budget horror movie –

all of it was from your arsenal,

a shower of bullets meant to weaken me.

We stopped crossing paths,

for our paths became one and the same.

I’m digressing from our path because,

best friend, we are falling out.

You’re delusional, illogical, and emotionally illiterate.

You thought my first fall

would cause me to break up with my first love?

I’ve known the risks ever since I fell in love.

Thus I vowed to get back on after every fall

no matter the amount of grit it would take.

You didn’t know about my vow

and you hadn’t tested me before –

that’s why you didn’t see my strength.