Re: Writing Prompt from Monday:

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m here. What am I truly doing here, in this world all at once full of mystery and magic and malice? Why am I a part of it? Then I remember that I’m here because I have a gift. I have a gift that no one else does; one that will control my destiny and other’s. My gift is…”


I’ve woken up from my dream. You would know, if you were part of my Kingdom (which you most certainly aren’t), that I’m in the Outcast Phase of my life.

I simply wander this ridiculous town where they’ve placed me. I’m supposed to be “finding myself” and learning what sort of magical talent I have that I’ll be able to contribute to the Kingdom when I get back. It was fun for a while, I’ll admit. I loved leaving my home town. Exploring. Finding new friends and things to do. But its been almost a year. And guess what? I am no closer to finding myself than I was before. No new magical talent randomly resurfaced today.

My trip is funded by the Kingdom. We are given a check card for spending. Our budgets are set for us and the the Kingdom will block any unnecessary purchases.

Fortunately, I’ve learned some ways around only being able to spend money on necessities. I simply need to get cash back at Target and turn in a fake receipt of somewhere I bought food from. The Kingdom doesn’t know any better.

So I’ve been saving. Not quite from day one of Outcast Phase, but for a long time. Probably ever since I realized that I couldn’t find any supposed magical talent, much less myself.

Yesterday, I went to the Apple store and got the information on how to disable my GPS advice by pretending to be a (very) young parent who wanted to make sure she’d be able to find her kids as long as they had their phone on them. Disabling the system was as easy as knowing the right buttons to click on my Apple account.

Now the Kingdom wouldn’t be able to find me. I had money and I was headed to the airport.

I had given them 11 months. I have been through five other Phases in my life and apparently there are over 100 if you are an overachiever. I just can’t take it anymore.

If they can cast me out, then I can become a rebel. I can leave the Kingdom behind and create a paradise within myself.

And so I’m leaving, on a jet plane. Never to start another Kingdom Phase again, but to make a phase of my own.