by: Rebecca Taylor

I gazed at the lighthouse from my bedroom window,
Its light was almost blinding,
Like a sparkling diamond.
I had seen that lighthouse everyday,
But tonight I couldn’t sleep.
Why hadn’t it come?
I couldn’t stand there waiting,
I had to know what my future held.
The thunder crashed against the trees and the sand,
The rain beat on the roof like a marching band.
I pulled down the blinds and the light got dimmer,
And I couldn’t see it anymore.
The night had become pitch black,
The feeling of being alive faded
Away with the light.
I couldn’t take it anymore,
I needed to see what a little piece of paper said,
The little dots on a paper were going to decide my future.
I felt like a sailor on a sinking raft,
Not knowing if I would see land again.
I drew up the blinds hoping to see the light,
I searched for it like Christopher Columbus
For the passage to the New World.
There it was shining in the distance,
The light in me began burning again,
Like a newly lit candle,
That had gone out but been lit again.