by: Rebecca Taylor

(written as a monologue for public speaking in high school).

Setting: Rose’s bedroom

Time: Present

Character: Rose, 16-year old girl

I’m looking in the mirror, in front of me,

In my room, all is quiet

When all of a sudden, an interesting thought,

Comes to mind, a perfect world.

What would a perfect world be like, if I invented it?

It’s seven o’clock, two hours until bedtime.

I get out my notebook,

And here’s what I write as I envision it,

A perfect world and what it would entail.

I still see problems but only with minor conflict,

For a world without some conflict would be,

A happily ever after without a story.

None the less, major pain would be invisible.

And what problems you or I have,

Can be fixed with some discussion and a little work.

Mainly though, problems would cease to exist.

Worries would be rather minor in life.

In my perfect world I see an end,

An end to all the prejudice and racism in the world.

Where everyone forgets,

Forgets about someone else’s colour, nationality, religion,

And so on, to me I do not see why these things,

Seem to matter to some people.

I’m telling you, it’s what’s inside that counts.

I want the pain that is caused by prejudice and racism

To end, you do not need it and,

Neither do I.

I want to see people getting along,

Shaking hands and talking and laughing together.

In my perfect world we would all be equal,

And all that matters would be our inner feelings.

Do you know what else I wish would end?

War and fighting and killing,

It al has to end, for there is no place for it,

In a perfect world, my perfect world.

It is all pointless, don’t you see!

There is no need for it, not for you or for me,

Not for anyone.

People dying and being hurt,

Just because people like you and I,

Lose our sense of reason and turn to violence,

Instead of trying to work out our problems with words!

Throw down your weapons, end this all.

We don’t need it,

And when you realize this,

You’ll see my perfect world,

Will have harmony and world peace.

I also want an end to poverty,

We don’t need millions of dollars to be happy,

Money will not even buy happiness,

But you and I and all the world,

Need necessities, food, clothing, shelter.

Why should some people have so much?

And some have to worry about getting these necessities?

Can’t you see how much this needs to end?

It’s got to go, it is no good.

Look into the future and imagine it,

Step into my perfect world and see it.

Can you see how happy everyone would be?

If they didn’t have to worry,

About where things like their next meal

Was coming from.

One day it has to end.

One day I want the world

To decide as a whole, the difference

Between right and wrong.

Can you see it, the whole world

Obeying all the same laws, not one law for one

Country and another for a different one.

I can se it and truly think

That it would add to our harmony, peace, equality,

And unity, the whole working together as a whole.

Instead of many countries we’d be one,

Each place would just have a different name.

We would have the world charter of rights,

And we would all get along, one happy world.

An end to all the pain and suffering,

Will also be part of my perfect world.

There will be no more terrible illnesses,

Or disabilities.

No more broken bones, or anything like this.

The worst pain and suffering you could have,

Will be a cold that lasts three days at the most.

Why should people have pain or suffer?

There is in my mind no reason for it.

Can you see my point of view?

Perhaps in your minor conflict,

You might come across a little bit.

But it is solved with words,

And it will not cause much.

For without conflict,

The world would be somewhat boring.

After all, it’s only a small amount.

Nothing like the pain and suffering in the world today.

I will put an end to drugs,

In my perfect world.

They ruin lives,

I wish I could wave a wand,

And the world would be free of them.

Can’t you tell, they are nothing but poison.

Open your eyes and you will soon realize

How many people die each day because of drug use.

People get hooked every day too,

And every one, lives are ruined.

Why do they do it?

Don’t you know it’s wrong?

Why do people do it,

I can’t tell you for sure,

Because I don’t know myself.

Sometimes they think it will solve

All their problems and make them popular.

They are not thinking straight

That’s for certain.

For if they were, they would see

Drugs cause problems and make you

Ruin your life.

Is this what you want a wasted life?

I think not, don’t do it

I’m begging you,

It’s a mistake

That too many people make.

I think an end to crime

Is also needed in my perfect world.

A stop to all the terrible things

Like murder, terrorism, and the list goes on.

Don’t you want a world that’s clean

And full of good worthy citizens?

I know that’s what I desire.

There is one more thing I want,

An honest world.

A world without lies

Where everyone is trustworthy

And you’re never told a lie of any sort.

Where no matter what is going on

You can depend on knowing the truth,

And being told it point blank honestly.

Like in court, it would be

The whole truth and nothing but the whole truth.

I can see my perfect world

Like it was on the other side of the mirror

Or like it was a door that needed to be

Opened so that I can

Walk right through

Into my perfect world

A world that can be a better place.