by: Rebecca Taylor

I am a jutting overhang, twenty-five feet off the ground, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Price Edward Island. I’m a mixture of emotions, exhilarating and afraid all at once, often like the people who stand and overlook my edge at the beauty below. I am a cliff who just so happens to be scared of heights, what irony.
I am most surprised by the different people who stand on me. Some of them stand back against my protective wall, while others get close to my edge and peer over at the rushing waters below. The ones who stand against my wall, I sense that they wish they had the courage to approach my edge to get a better look at the sensational view below, but that they have enough common sense to know that my edge is more dangerous.
I am visited mostly during the summer, with a few travelers coming in the late spring and early autumn. In the winter, I am completely alone, with just the blankets of snow that become layered on me. Even most of the birds and other wild creatures do not venture out to see what I am up to, in Canada’s winter weather. Despite the isolation, I am not lonely; I take this time to reflect on the visitors who had previously come to see me. My memories of the laughter, the joyous and nervous smiles, the different energies that the humans who come to me possess.
If you touch my wall with your hands, you will feel weathered out crevices. Changes brought on by the weather – whipping winds because I am so high in the air. At the base of the rocky overhang I am on, the salt-water brushes against me when the tide comes in, waves uncovering seashells and other treasures that the tourists and locals alike enjoy gathering. The sounds up here are amazing. The birds voices are like music to my old ears, their melodies blending together to form a choir. The sound the water varying with the weather and the seasons is constant company. It is particularly loud during a storm. When the huge waves come in from the sea and roll over the rocks below, they sound like a jackhammer breaking cement. I love the way the air smells, so clean and perfect, the salt from the ocean washing over me making me feel alive.
My life can be a bit monotonous staying in the same place day after day, but I’m thousands of years old and accepted reality a long time ago. This is my life, where I was placed and I have a purpose, to provide a beautiful place for people to see the beauty of the land surrounding me. I hope to be here for many more years and get to meet a lot more incredible people, to watch more families join together and enjoy visiting me.