by: Rebecca Taylor

**previously published by Perspectives  Magazine**

I am Scarlet Red but you can call me burgundy or crimson if you’d like, just don’t describe me as ordinary. I have an amazing presence on earth because I am prize winning ribbons and flamboyant roses carried by brides on their wedding day or planted in immaculately kept gardens. My depth catches everyone as soon as I clutch their gaze. I look great in clear curiously shaped bottles of perfume that carry memorable names like Raspberry Wonder and Ardent Ruby. Even my name has a twang of sophistication. When I am bejewelled on clothing like exquisite ball gowns and radiant dress shirts I illuminate the room especially when I’m placed in the spot light.

Some say that I am a vain shade but I laugh and tell them that I surge through the veins of every human being on the globe, radiating their blood, assisting to give them life. I am also the colour of the human heart and many other vital organisms on earth. I adore being who I am, the most beautiful colour in the world. However, without my friends shimmery blue, gorgeous green, sunflower yellow and the others, the planet wouldn’t be as splendid a place for me.