written by: Rebecca Taylor in 2007

Can people care too much, can they let themselves get hurt too often by leaving themselves open to love, friendship and compassion. This is something that I have pondered about in the past days, weeks and months. I don’t know if someone can ever really care too much when it is put in the right context but losing someone that you care about because of death, loss of friendship and differing ideas can hurt tremendously. The bottom line is we don’t want to get hurt in relationships with others and the only way we could avoid this would be to shut the door to ourselves and virtually become a person devoid of feelings. However, if we could somehow turn off our feelings, what would we become? In my opinion all we would become is a shell of a person and this would be doing ourselves and those around us an injustice because caring people have so much to offer society that not caring would be a disservice. Sometimes we need to step back from a situation when we are getting in too deep and in many professions we have to mask our feelings from time to time in order to efficiently do our jobs or cope with a situation but we should never turn ourselves off completely because in the end we will end up hurting ourselves and others around us a lot more than if we allow ourselves to feel the pain caused by the situation we may be in. We have to hurt in order to heal and there is no easy way to deal with that. If we feel comfortable talking about our pain with someone close to us it can help. Often we might have to justify our pain because it is so easy to think what if I just didn’t care or get close. However, if we are able to get past the fact that we might get hurt by caring we can have wonderful relationships with other people and make wonderful memories instead of living an empty meaningless life where we do not care about others for the fear of getting hurt. We need to care about others and reach out to them and don’t think about the fact that something may happen which could cause us to get hurt. Don’t shut the door to you, open it up wide, and see how amazing your life can be. The amazement that you find will be a beginning, new and without end.