by: Rebecca Taylor

“When are we going to plan our wedding?” asked Adelise Harmon.

“Tomorrow,” answered her fiancé Roger Archer, “for now, let’s just enjoy the moment.”

“Tomorrow,” replied Adelise, “is what you have been telling me for weeks but tomorrow is replaced with todays and we are no further in planning our wedding. You do still want to marry me don’t you?” She looked away not wanting to see the look in Roger’s eyes.

“Of course I want to marry you,” said Roger reaching across the table and taking Adelise’s hand. “Do you think I would have asked you if I didn’t want to?”

“No,” said Adelise turning her eyes back to Roger, “I just don’t know what to think these days. If we’re ever going to get married, we need to talk about important things like the date and the menu and the guest list.”

“In time,” said Roger, “I just know that details can get complicated and then we’re both going to get stressed out. I want to be married to you, I just don’t know if I want all the tedium that goes along with it.”

“It’s part of the journey to making our day perfect,” said Adelise.

“I get to marry you,” said Roger, “so it will be perfect.”

“That’s very sweet,” said Adelise smiling, then laughing softly, “but you cannot distract me from the big picture.”

“Tomorrow, January 15th, we will start planning our wedding. Tonight I plan on having a romantic dinner with you followed by dancing and maybe a moonlit stroll on the beach,” said Roger.

“I like the sound of that,” said Adelise, “you’re committing to our wedding by planning to plan on a specific date and you’re going to give me an incredible evening. I am so lucky.”

“You are,” answered Roger, “but so am I.”