by: Rebecca Taylor

**previously published by Perspectives Magazine**

The impulses that I was getting when my owner, Rona Marci first saw the perfect gown in the shop window on 3rd Avenue were something I only feel when I get really wound up. I started going kerthump, kerthump like I was doing somersaults. I’m Rona’s heart and best friends with Rona’s brain. Brain sent word down through the body’s tunnels that the most exquisite gown was in the showcase of Rose’s Emporium. It was flowing and a shadowy crimson colour. That was when my heart started jumping even more. My favourite colour is crimson but I am kind of biased being a heart and all, most shades of red catch my fancy. I just knew that I would look magnificent going out with Rona in a gown like that especially to the CCMA’s where Rona, a keyboardist for an up and coming country duo was going to be co-presenting the award for single of the year. When ever I hear Rona playing the keyboard I get up and start dancing with her muscles. We have a splendid time partying together.

My friends all say that I am very vain and like the finest things in life, that must be why I get so excited living with Rona. She has such an amazing lifestyle. Her clothing choices are always fabulous; I am so jealous of Skin for getting to touch those shimmery fabrics Rona wears and get engulfed in her perfume; her vanilla and orange blossom ones are absolutely heavenly. At least Brain sends me a whiff through the channels which I can savour.

Even though I treasure all of Rona’s finer things, I know that she wouldn’t have any of them without me. After all, it is my job to keep Rona alive. If I got tired and gave up, it wouldn’t matter how hard the rest of Rona worked because it is me who keeps her living. Her brain, other organs, and muscles help keep her up and running but without me they would be nothing. I don’t mind because this makes the rest of Rona’s body love me. They love me for keeping her alive and because of this, they feed me sustenance which keeps us all alive. This makes them nourish me with information about her; tell me secrets and bits of news about what is going on in the outside world. I love doing what I do because I get to be in the thick of everything but that is only fair, after all, I am the heart of everything.