by: Rebecca Taylor

Previously published by Long Story Short

Some may say that certain things in life have passed them by

But it is never too late to say thank you for a deed well done

Or apologize for a wrong

Never too late to learn to smile

Find beauty in mystifying ways

Cut your hair in that ridiculous way you’ve always wanted to

Never too late to find love

Learn to dance

Make up for time gone by

Do something that isn’t really you

Never too late to take up a lost art

Look up a lost friend

Lend a helping hand

Or to take a minute to live life

Never too late to find out who you really are

Take a walk

Give yourself time to reflect

And feel the crisp air

Never too late to gather recollections from the past

Discover new heights

To accomplish that dream you’ve always had

Never too late to volunteer your time

End a grudge

Take the time for you

If you want something, it is never too late

Because there is no such thing as a lost chance

Just a found moment.