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Mixed Emotions

by: Rebecca Taylor

A heart as mixed up as a stirred batch of chocolate chip cookies

Yet at the same time as happy as the sun smiling down

The dread of night fills the soul like a frightened animal

Something feels strange as a cat having puppies might

Life as confusing as a capsizing boat

Yet moments of clarity are visible through the rain drenching clouds

Sometimes it feels like walking in a bubble through a fog

And other times the answer is as clear as a crystal vase

Life throws mixed emotions at all like a bowling ball hurtling down a lane.

Nothing to do but enjoy the game of life.

What I Can’t Say

by: Rebecca Taylor

Previously published by Barebacklit (in 2013)

Why is it that the words I want to say most

The ones that should be so easy do not come

That I am afraid of picking up a pen or a phone and telling you

Two little words like you matter

Or maybe even, let’s have coffee

At night in my dreams it is so easy

But in the daylight, fear or common sense take over

And I agonize about what I want to say

But cannot seem to find a way

My emotions sway back and forth

And I don’t know how to bridge the gap

My heart wants to say the words

But my brain won’t let it

This is why the words I want to say

Remain unspoken.

Messages to Relay

by: Rebecca Taylor

Fingers flying over a keyboard

Like reindeer preparing for take off

Messages to relay before minds are changed

Like television channels

Fear is in the heart of the sender

Like a giant iceberg in the sea

Chances to be taken

Like adventures unknown

Suppressing the questions she may have

Like flattened boxes for recycling

A second look at the screen

Like an athlete doing a double take

A long sigh drawn out

Like air escaping leaky tires

Send button clicked rapidly

Like a lightning bolt in the sky

Now the wait for a response in anticipation

Like a child waiting for Christmas.

Country Girl

by: Rebecca Taylor

A newborn kitten

And a calf to feed

That’s the laughter in my life right now

It brings a smile to my face.

Sometimes a tractor tire breaks

A cow escapes the fence

But we pray to God that all goes well in the end.

My grandmother grows our vegetables

In her garden

We play in the cornfield for fun

This simple life makes us smile.

Summertime brings no vacation

We’re in the fields making hay

Tempers fly when something breaks

But in the end, it gets done.

They’re painting the house down the street

Everyone wonders what colour it’s going to be

Conversation focuses on the crops

Everyone knows everyone.

Because I’m a country girl

And a country girl I’ll always be

I was born and I was raised a country girl

In my small country town.

Life’s Battles

by: Rebecca Taylor

Life has many ups and downs

every book has two covers

each unique like the story itself

Interpretation leaves much to be questioned

by all involved

Definitions are not dictionary simple

but interchangeable and debatable

My word for love might be your word for kindness

emotions complicated by exterior pressures

and inner doubts

When saying what you want to say has consequences

or a chance for rejection

When you go to speak each carefully chosen word

and realize that the words are stuck

And you fumble clumsily

like a child just learning how to play the game

Life’s about choosing battles and taking chances

and there will be many chapters and changes

but even though you’re alone on your personal journey

life is a battle fought by all.

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