By: Rebecca Taylor

Many of us take the technology we are using for granted. We want our gadgets to work and we want our information fast. I have the opportunity to see people marvel at the equipment we have today, at the senior’s home where I work as an administrative assistant. When a resident wants to have a postal code, I am able to sit at my desk behind my computer, go online and get them the information within minutes, instead of having to use a large reference book to find the correct information. What kind of care does an azalea need? No problem, a search engine brings up this information without having to go to the library and look for a reference book on plants. Knitting patterns are too small; off to the photocopier I go and emerge less than a minute later with an enlarged copy. Family lives far away and wants to share a picture or a few words, e-mail makes communicating easy. With today’s technology the possibilities of what we can do are virtually endless. The internet is practically limitless in the information it has, I will admit sifting through it sometimes is a bit of an organizational challenge but generally it doesn’t take long to get the answer we are looking for. Everything we may want in a way can be found there – recipes, horoscopes, a copy of Dear Annie, quotes, poetry, book previews, even the kind of bird that wakes you up every morning can be found with sound clips. But are we happy with what we have? Some of us maybe but many of us want more, new versions are forever coming forward and everyone rushes to line up for the latest. Can you remember when we didn’t have any of this technology or the first time you saw a computer or the internet? I was in sixth grade when we got our first one and it had dial up internet. It was fast enough then but then we learned about faster options. Is society rushing more or do we just get used to the modern conveniences of today? When I think of the seniors I deal with, I smile because they are in such awe of what I can do with my machines, how much information they hold and how fast things can be done. Their bewilderment and the ease at which I can help them with their queries is a beautiful thing.