by: Rebecca Taylor

It seems like my life has been quite complicated so far for being jus a simple Christmas card. I was fabricated from recycled particles in a large paper products factory. I was slid and dropped from a ton of machines, one even sliced my paper to separate me from my fellow cards. I can tell you that that slicer hurts – ouch – talk about a paper cut. Once I was created into a card, all colourful with a message written within my folds, I was stuck in a box with other cards – some that looked like me and some that didn’t although we all carried the same manufacturer’s stamp on our backs. Next, we were loaded onto a truck and taken into a shopping mall. Because I wasn’t made during the holiday season, I sat in storage for many months. Thankfully, I had friends to talk to, or else I would have found myself quite lonely. I wouldn’t have liked to have been one of those cellophane wrapped cards which are sold for a higher price but have to be all alone.


Eventually, my time came to shine and my box was put on a shelf and someone took us and went and paid money so they could take us home. There we sat on a desk for a few days before our box was opened. I wondered if I would ever see daylight again, but finally the box was opened and one by one the kind woman took us out of the box. She admired our designs carefully choosing special ones for each recipient. Next, she wrote a verse in us. On me, she wrote about future happiness for the upcoming year. When the message was complete, it was time to go into the envelope that came in the box, one for each of us. From there the envelope was sealed and addressed. Next a stamp went on the outside and into the mailbox we went so that a postal worker could take us to our final destination. Now, I sit on a mantle my sparkles and Christmas tree making the older woman happy to have gotten a card from a far away friend.