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by: Rebecca Taylor

I hear your voice and I’m happy

I see your signature and I remember

You walk in unexpected and my day is now the best

You make me feel things no one else can

Feelings soar like birds in the clouds

You can turn a hard day into a good one

I could want to cry but you make me smile

Your presence makes me bubble over

Like a water fountain bringing joy

Thank you for being special to me.



by: Rebecca Taylor

Life fragile as delicate glass

People rush in busyness

Regrets piled high

Words unsaid like mountains unclimbed

Pain of apologies not given

As life slipped from earth

Slammed doors cloud memories

Forever too long to wait for another chance.


Needs Fixing

by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously published by The Toronto Small Press Group in 2008**


Help the world needs fixing.

People are at war.

People are hungry.

People are homeless.

People need love.


Help the world needs fixing.

People seem unable to communicate.

The world lacks respect.

People won’t listen to each other.

Neighbours won’t shake hands.


Help the world needs fixing.

The environment is failing.

The world is fighting.

The economy is on a roller coaster ride.

Things just aren’t right.


Help the world needs fixing

Everyone learn to get along

Take the time to try to understand

Look for solutions

Get rid of blame.


Help the world needs fixing.

Everyone get together

Make changes

Bring about improvements

Do what needs doing.


Help the world needs fixing

Together it can be done

Take the time

Make the effort

One day the breaks can be fixed.

And We Ask Why

by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously published by Praise Writers in 2013**

Complexities everywhere, questions and quandaries,

sadness, hurt and despair circulate

shutting out the happiness and humanity of situations.

And we all wonder why do terrible things happen?

Why did I not get the answers that I want?

How can this be?

And we know there is God in Heaven and do not understand

why he allows some things to occur.

How good people are called to be angels before their time.

How nature rears her head and changes life for ever.

Why machines fail leaving a path of destruction.

And what can do we do but join together and pray

to Him that He gives us answers and help.

That He finds a way to show us how to move forward

That He reminds us of how strong we are,

how to shoulder burdens and test our boundaries.

That He helps us remember to believe in hope, love and the future.

To the New Year

by: Rebecca Taylor

The New Year has arrived and with it is a time for contemplation – remembering the ups and downs of the year that has just ended and what your expectations are for upcoming year. These expectations can come in many forms, they can be hopes and dreams and events you hope to partake in or hobbies you hope to explore. Through it all there are many important things which you must remember: take time for the people that you really care about because time does not wait for you to accomplish what you want before you have time to spend with them. This could mean spending time juggling your schedule to accomplish all that you want to do and still have time for those important to you. It can be hard sometimes to prioritize your life but you must consider the bigger picture. If you get invited to coffee and want to go but don’t know if you can’t because you have a bunch of other things that you should be doing, consider how you might be able to do both or what can wait. I don’t mean that you should continually procrastinate but you also shouldn’t pass up moments which could be very enjoyable when a load of laundry or dishes could wait. We often think about the big events in our life as having the most meaning and often times they do but you have to take into account all of the beautiful little memories along the way because in the end, those small memories add up to be the big picture – your life. With each small encounter, some which may go unremembered by you because they seem insignificant, know they could deeply touch someone. Often a smile or kind word can make a huge difference in someone’s life whether you personally know them or not. So I say for the new year, let’s raise a glass to each other, embrace human and let’s hope for an amazing journey together on this earth, because we can all make it an incredible place to be one small act at a time.

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