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by: Rebecca Taylor

I sit behind the mounds of paperwork,

Wondering how much longer it is going to take,

I’ve got to finish it,

If I don’t there’ll be even more tomorrow,

And that pit I’m trying to overcome

Will get that much deeper.

I gaze out the window,

The sun is shining brightly like the star that led the wise men,

On Christmas Eve so many years ago.

If only it would rain,

Then I wouldn’t mind being inside so much.

I’ve got too much to do before the end of the year,

I will not let this sinking feeling consume me

Like a fire that’s out of control.

I’ve got to put pen to paper,

Stop thinking about all the things I could do outside.

I have to make this overwhelming feeling hide,

I can finish this,

There is my agenda overflowing with work,

It could be the cup of coffee my dad fills too full every morning.

I cannot let myself dig my hole any deeper,

I must push on like a tired solider.

The time moves so slowly like it’s wounded,
It is getting harder to work and I fear I will never finish,

But deep down I know that no matter how slow,

The turtle goes eventually the race is won,

And the abyss fills in like a puddle on a rainy day.

Missing Link

by: Rebecca Taylor

There are clues everywhere

And they make me think of you

You are like a missing link

 In the chain of my heart

We no longer see each other often

But your voice echoes inside my head

As I try to figure out the meaning

Of the words that you said

There is danger in misinterpretation

Love’s engineering is complex

Like a steel structure.

Truth in Love

by: Rebecca Taylor

How quickly perspectives change

Our minds tell us we belong with one sort of person

But heart’s reactions tell us otherwise

Then comes analyzing questions

Some based on fear

Others trying to find the logic

Truth is love is not analytical

But passionate

Based on trust and faith.


Moments of joy based on balance

Like two kayakers paddling in harmony to stay afloat

Pointed in the right direction

When things begin to go askew

They can be corrected.


Words said but not understood

Non comprehension at what was uttered

Sometimes we must look past the words to find the meaning

Protection comes in many forms

Hearts and minds have shields of armour

Sometimes it is the tongue, sharp witted like a blade

That slices the pain or shifts the blame.

Depth of a Rainbow

by: Rebecca Taylor

Magnificent sails in the ocean breeze

hues so beautiful and varied like summer fruit.

Emotions amazing and complicated

as rough as tumultuous seas.

And amazing as a field of flowers first seen

a feast on a picnic table

bright culinary creations to enjoy.

A child’s design on the fridge

drawn with a new box of sharpened pencil crayons

amazement in each sight

if we take the time to truly see.

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