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Determing Emotion

by: Rebecca Taylor

Love is symbolized everywhere

Movies, books and songs

Some like me are a cynic

Until they get a funny feeling

A determining emotion that won’t go away

It plagues them and gives them feelings

Like in those media sources they have seen

And they realize that is what true love might be

This feeling that won’t go away

That makes their head spin

And their ideas change like a roller coaster ride

So fast and furious that they do not know what to do

Except hang onto the threads that weave that love.



by: Rebecca Taylor
 **Previously published by Halcyon in 2013 for Canada Day.**

 Flags flying everywhere 
 maple leaf encompassing this special day.
 Reliving history,
 as the country joined together
 First four provinces,
 over time a growth to ten and three territories.
 Languages mix together
 the theme is clear in all voices
 This is Canada, proud to be free.

The Bronc Buster


by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously published by Rope and Wire in 2010**

The bronc buster’s been thrown

More times than you can count.

Often times they become

Fixtures in the bunkhouse,

For all their broken bones

Don’t permit them out.


Don’t know a bronc buster

Who’ll quit, even if he’s in pain

Most bronc busters have a score

To settle with the animal

That sent them flying.


A bronc buster won’t admit defeat

Even if he’s thrown,

From the same animal a dozen times.

The bronc buster has a motto,

No bronc buster can’t be thrown,

And no horse can’t be rode.


A bronc buster loves the cheers

That he hears a top the horse

He’s breaking, ride ’em cowboy

Nothing’s more rewarding

Than a pat on the back

And a good job cowboy.

That’s what gives the bronc buster

His thunder, his pride for what he is.

The Things You Said

by: Rebecca Taylor

The things you said, you cannot take back

They cut deep and that cannot be healed

The things you said, may not be what you meant

But they’re there between us like a rope bridge

This time, one end’s threads are so frayed

That it cannot support it all.


The things you said broke respect

And there are too many shards to glue back together

The things you said, will always be there

No matter how much I try to forgive you

I cannot forget your words,

They’re a sting that will not go away.


The things you said make me wonder about you

Why can you not think of other people

The things you said were not funny

But they made you laugh

They broke my heart in half

And now it will not heal.

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