by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously published by Rope and Wire in 2010**

The bronc buster’s been thrown

More times than you can count.

Often times they become

Fixtures in the bunkhouse,

For all their broken bones

Don’t permit them out.


Don’t know a bronc buster

Who’ll quit, even if he’s in pain

Most bronc busters have a score

To settle with the animal

That sent them flying.


A bronc buster won’t admit defeat

Even if he’s thrown,

From the same animal a dozen times.

The bronc buster has a motto,

No bronc buster can’t be thrown,

And no horse can’t be rode.


A bronc buster loves the cheers

That he hears a top the horse

He’s breaking, ride ’em cowboy

Nothing’s more rewarding

Than a pat on the back

And a good job cowboy.

That’s what gives the bronc buster

His thunder, his pride for what he is.