In celebration of Canada Day and Independence Day. This was a writing prompt about what might happen if the Canadian flag and American flag joined together in marriage.
by: Rebecca Taylor
“We are gathered here today to celebrate the rejoining of two nations, Canada and America. I, Freedom, am ecstatic about the opportunity to officiate this marriage. Without further ado, does anyone object to the union of these two countries?”

The two flags leaned in closer to each other on a high mounted flagpole, each one almost holding their breaths in anticipation, it was their day and they feared that someone may object to them because of their past differences. It didn’t take a fancy dress for the bride or a suit for the groom to make the twosome shimmer in the moonlight just like it didn’t take the same citizenship, colour or exact beliefs to make a harmonious union.

“And now onto the important part,” said Freedom, “the marriage vows, Canada, do you to take America to be your lawfully wedded wife through natural disasters, joyous celebrations and international disputes until the end of eternity?”

“I do,” replied Canada.

“America, do you take Canada to be your lawfully wedded husband through natural disasters, joyous celebrations and international disputes until the end of eternity?”

“I do,” whispered America, her stars gleaming.

“Amen,” said Freedom, “and now I believe you both have a very special vow to make to each other. Canada, you may begin.”

“Meri, you and I have known each other for what seems like forever, our designs have changed along the way and sometimes so has the way we’ve felt about each other. I want you to know that even though we are from different sides of the border, my love for you is boundless. There was a time when we grew apart, our ties felt severed by our differences, but while we were distant, I learned the importance of holding onto my beliefs no matter what the cost. The bottom line is regardless of what happens to our individual economies and elections, I love you and we belong together. This day is for us and for all the other lovers out there struggling with their differences. I want you and them to know that when a couple is meant to be together even when they have differences, they need to reach for the sky. You cannot stop loving because someone thinks you do not belong together. Our love is immeasurable, and I thank the higher powers every day that I have you,” said Canada clutching America.

“Canada, that was absolutely beautiful. Now, look at me, you made me cry. Tears of joy because we have been so fortunate in love to be devoting ourselves to each other again. We have been given a second chance at happiness and because of this our countries should rejoice. There was a time when we may have been called opponents, but what we need to be seen as are allies. In our union, I pray that we may be seen as one. Canada and America, reuniting with the blessing of our countries, our witnesses, and the wisdom of Freedom and Liberty. Thank you for being my rock in this world of turmoil. It is my belief that together we can assist the universe in overcoming many obstacles. I’m in this marriage for the long haul, I know it won’t be easy, but when have we ever taken the easy route. Thank you for living with me each day and loving me to your fullest.”

The crowd assembled beneath the lavishly decorated flagpole clapped and cheered, all the onlookers smiling and taking in the wonder and knowledge of the couple. The crowd began singing “The Star Spangled Banner” and “O Canada” and then the most radiant display of fireworks engulfed the darkening sky sealing the vows which Canada and America had made to each other and the world.