by: Rebecca Taylor

A family was out for a walk while their porridge cooled on the kitchen table. The door was locked in the city where they lived but some children had been playing a game of baseball across the street and it broke a window. Afraid that they would be found out, the children sent in the smallest one amongst them to get their unique baseball. When the boy saw the porridge on the counter, he remembered the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and sampled the porridge.

“It’s true,” he said, “this one is too hot, this one is too cold,” but when he sampled the third one it was just right and he ate the whole bowl. He also tried out the kitchen chairs but thankfully they didn’t break like in the fairy tale.

“Did you find the ball?” asked someone from outside the door.

The boy hadn’t even started looking yet and he was worried that someone would find him in the house because the porridge on the counter obviously meant that someone would be back soon.

The boy had just found the ball under a sofa when the door opened and in walked a man, six feet tall. He looked like a giant to the boy.

“What are you doing in my house?”

“Getting my baseball, sir.”

“Why didn’t you ask instead of coming into my house.”

“I’m sorry, sir, please don’t send me to jail.”

“And you ate my little girl’s porridge too, what do you think this is, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

“No, sir, I didn’t mean to, but I was hungry and -,”

“I’m not going to call the cops this time,” said the man, “but I am going to call your parents,” and he did and the boy had to pay for the broken window, the porridge and the inconvenience with his next year’s allowance.