by: Rebecca Taylor

Ellen Young was reading her e-mails at her desk at the television station where she worked. She was looking for an interesting story for the network to run, when she came across Sienna’s e-mail. She read the three paragraphs, which explained how Sienna was in love with a man she had never met in person, had never spoken with or corresponded with, however he had shown up night after night in her dreams and she needed to know if he was out there, and if he was if he was for her.

Interesting, thought Ellen, this letter is well written, but chances are this is just an unbalanced woman trying to get some attention from the media but it might be worth meeting her, see if we could run a segment from this…maybe tie it into something to do with finding lost loves. She wrote an e-mail back to Sienna inviting her into the studio the next week.

Sienna read the e-mail that she had received back, and shrugged her shoulders to loosen them. She was tired and now she had her moment of desperation to contend with. She knew that she could write back and delay the interview, or tell Ellen Young that she had changed her mind and wasn’t interested, but Sienna also knew that she had started to get the ball rolling on what might be her only chance at finding Todd. He might see her on the television and know that she was the one he had been waiting for, or he might think she was insane. She knew that she wouldn’t blame him if he did, after all if some man went on TV looking for her; she knew that she would probably be a bit more than skeptical. There are some risks worth taking, maybe this is one of them, she thought as she got up to put a frozen entree into the microwave for supper. What is my mother going to think when she hears about this? What if Todd Brody doesn’t exist? What if he is just a figure of my imagination? How on earth can I love a man that I’ve never met, a man that I don’t even know if he is real or not?