by: Rebecca Taylor

Sienna was nibbling on caramel popcorn waiting for her interview with Ellen to come on TV. She was so nervous to see herself on the screen and to hear how she sounded and wondered if Todd Brody would come forward even if he was real. Maybe he’ll be afraid of what I think I know about him. Maybe he’ll laugh and think I’m crazy, maybe he won’t want me anywhere near his daughter. Wait until my mother sees this. She always watches this sort of thing and when she finds out I didn’t tell her…maybe I should have told her…no, I’ve done the right thing, I didn’t want her to influence me in this.

“And next an interview with Ellen Young,” said the television announcer.

Sienna set her bowl on the coffee table and sat up straight on the couch. She noticed that her hands were shaking.

“I’ve got to find you,” she whispered, “are you even going to see this, probably not, especially if you’re overseas but somebody in your life probably will.” A commercial for an exotic travel destination came on and Sienna sighed, her agony was being prolonged. She got up and got her portable telephone, she knew it would start ringing the moment the interview was over.

“Sienna, dear, your father and I have talked it over and we’re willing to send you for some counseling.”

“Mom, I don’t need counseling.”

“Yes, dear, you do. What were you thinking going on TV looking for some soldier that you think you’re in love with and his daughter?”

“I’m trying to find him, Mom, see if he’s really out there somewhere. It’s a chance I have to take.”

“Dear, you’re lonely, that’s clear. You need to date, not make up someone so you think you’re in love.”

“He’s real to me, Mom, and if I’m fortunate he’ll actually be real and I’ll meet him and see what happens.”

“No, dear, he’s your dream man. You want children and he would give you a ready-made family. He’s a soldier – it means he has strong ideals.”

“Mom, how would you feel if you knew that Daddy was out there somewhere and you had to find him but didn’t know how?”

“Now, dear, you’re being silly, your father is right here with me and if he were missing, I have pictures, information about him that would help me find him. I’ve been married to him for thirty-five years, this isn’t the same thing.”

“Mom, I knew when I started this that you would think I was crazy, but this is something I have to do. I cannot wonder for the rest of my life if I let the opportunity to be with a wonderful man pass me by.”

“I have friends with sons your age; let me get you set up on a blind date.”

“Mom, I’ve dated before, I’m not doing this for attention even though some people will think I am. I’m doing this because I believe with all my heart that Todd Brody is out there and that we are meant to meet. Maybe he doesn’t know or maybe he does and doesn’t know how to find me.”

“But, the man you described is so much older than you. What woman wants to marry a man who is practically her father’s age?”

“Mom, I’ve had time to think about this. People are not defined by their ages, it’s their personality. When I think about Todd, I think about him being the man for me, not how old he is.”

“You’re at different places in your life; your ages will make it so you want different things.”

“People with age differences have been getting together for a long time; I need to know if he’s out there and if we can be together. If I meet him and we aren’t supposed to be together, I’ll learn to accept that.”

“Will you or will you believe in the fantasy you’re got in your mind.”

“Mom, I’ve been over every argument out there, and I know that I have to do this.”

“But on TV?”

“Do you have a better way of finding him?”

“No, but I don’t think you should be doing this. What if he’s dangerous?”

“Mom, I promise that if we meet, it will be in a public place with lots of people around, besides I have to find him first.”

“If he’s in the military, he knows how to use a gun.”

“Mother, you’re being paranoid.”