by: Rebecca Taylor

A few days later, Sienna went to her mailbox, her cat trailing behind her. She put the flag down and opened the grey box. She started to pull out the magazines and invoices and at the back was a large brown envelope from the television station. It’s thick, I wonder what it is. It doesn’t feel like a tape of the interview. I’ve been hoping for something ever since it was on TV but I was thinking more along the lines of a letter.

“Mrrow,” said her cat rubbing up against her leg.

“Come on, Pumpkin, let’s go see what this is.” Sienna’s hands shook as she sat at the kitchen table and pulled the envelope open. Several envelopes were inside and Sienna took the first one out and opened it. She unfolded the plain white sheet of paper and began to read it.


Dear Sienna,


I saw you on television and wanted to tell you how brave I thought you were to go out like that and tell people how you are feeling about Todd Brody. I don’t know if he is real or not, but I think he sure is to you. Some people say I’m silly to believe in fate, but I think we all have to believe that somebody’s out there watching over us with a plan even when we don’t know what it is.


Don’t give up.


Gracie Heimer, Age 17


Great, thought Sienna, now, someone’s looking up to what I did and telling me I’m brave and she’s just seventeen. My mother thinks I need help, and I haven’t spoken to my father yet, so who knows what he thinks. My mother says counseling but she tends to blow things out of proportion. To be feeling this way about a man my own age would be hard enough for a lot of people to understand, let alone this. She set the letter aside and pulled out the next one.


Dear Ms. Abbott,


I enjoyed watching you on Ellen Young’s show this week. Your passion when you spoke of Todd Brody was engaging, however, as a professional matchmaker, I must tell you that there are other ways to find someone you love, someone real. Give me a call and I could set you up with someone who has qualities just like the ones you care so much about in your Todd Brody.




Louisa McGrath


Connected Hearts Matchmaking Services


Do I just want someone? wondered Sienna petting Pumpkin who was sitting on the table watching her intently. But’s he’s real to me, cried a voice inside her head. A woman doesn’t need a man to be happy, but this one makes me so happy, that I don’t know why I wouldn’t try to find him.