by: Rebecca Taylor

Jack Lawrence was checking his e-mail on his downtime at base. He had one from his mother and he was surprised when he read it. It mentioned his friend and fellow soldier Todd Brody. Jack signed out and went to find him. He was sitting on his bunk.

            “Hey man,” he said, “there’s some woman looking for ya back on home soil, says she’s had dreams about ya. She knows your name and that you’re a soldier with a little girl.”

            “Who is this woman?” said Todd looking up from the letter he was reading.

            “Her name is Sienna Abbott, the e-mail from my mam doesn’t say much else. She went on a television show to talk about wanting to find ya.”

            “Jack, you making this up?”

            “No, man. I know it sounds weird.”

            “You’re right about that.”

            “So, what are ya going ta do ‘bout it?”

            “Find out who she is, she knows about my daughter and that isn’t something I can take sitting down.”

            “What if she was sent to ya?”

            “By who?”

            “Maybe Theresa picked her out.”

            “Leave Theresa out of this,” said Todd getting up and heading to the small room that held the computer. Jack didn’t follow.

            “She doesn’t have a criminal record, not even a speeding ticket,” said Todd a few minutes later emerging from the room, “and the way she talks it’s like she knows me, says I come to her in dreams.”

            “How do ya know how she talks?” asked Jack.

            “Video clip on the internet.”

            “You goin’ to contact her?”

            “I don’t know, she’s young and pretty but there’s not even just me to think about. I’d like it if Caralee had a mother again but I never thought I’d find a woman like this. I’m going to have to think about this, make some more enquiries, see who she knows, who she might have talked to, where she found out so much about me.”

            “In her dreams,” answered Jack with a serious grin on his face. “Cupid’s gonna get ya Buddy.”