Paradise On Paper is the place to go for weekly short stories and/or writing advice, along with other writerly resources.

The current administrators, Felicity Davis and Trixie Hall, have been writing together for over ten years and finally decided to collaborate on a project. The inspiration behind Paradise on Paper was the Merry Sisters of Fate blog. Hall and Davis hope that Paradise on Paper amuses you as much as Merry Fates amused them.

Our contributors:

Felicity Davis started writing short stories over a decade ago, and has since delved into the world of novel writing. At the moment, YA fiction is her niche, with her current WIP falling along the lines of YA dystopian. She is currently reveling in her life as an English major. Ironically, she has a deep disdain for coffee. Also, she’s found that motivating herself with homemade guacamole improves her writing speed dramatically. Contact her at

Trixie Hall writes YA Fiction and curious poems. She grew up in a ghetto suburb and draws inspiration from the real-life characters she’s met through various jobs and clubs. Hall has many interests, including coffee, kayaking and Political Science (her major). Once she has procrastinated with everything else she can possibly think of, Hall loves to write even though she sort of hates it. Questions for Trixie? Email her at

Rebecca Taylor has loved creating stories since before she was able to write them on paper. In 2000, she had her first poem published in an anthology. Rebecca has wanted to be a professional writer for years but attended college in the office administration field and now works full time at a senior’s home. In addition to writing, Rebecca loves to read, knit, crochet and quilt. Rebecca also spends time helping on her family’s farm.

Bront’e Singleton has been a devoted lover of books since birth, and began dabbling into storytelling around her teens and beyond. She writes mostly fantasy stories, with hints of action & adventure, romance and mystery. Other than reading and writing, Bront’e loves learning languages, drawing, singing along with other creative arts. You can also find her at Love2… where you can read about her WIP, current reads and other things that catch her muse’s eyes.