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November Blog Roll

The season of autumn may be ending, but the writers of fantastic blogs are still going strong! Enjoy our pick of the writing posts from this month. What are your favorite reads?

Forget the Excuses and Follow Your Dreams on Novel Rocket

An interview with budding author Amy Matayo. Learn details of her writing process, such as how she found an agent.

Beyond Skin Deep Dialogue on Go Teen Writers

A fantastic guide to characterization through the medium of dialogue.

The Voices: Who Are You Listening To? on The Writer’s Alley

An inspiration post about listening to truth as a writer.

99 Ways to Market Art on Copy Blogger 

99 ideas for improving your marketing strategy when it comes to your art – writing.

The Typewriter Trap on The Freelance Strategist 

A quick blog entry about what drives a few freelance journalists to write – this could be true in whatever you write.

Don’t Leave Your Reader Behind on The Writer’s Alley 

Good tips on how to make smooth transitions in your writing – this blog post is well written and humorous.

No Limits: The Emerging New Adult Market on Writer Unboxed

An informational read about New Adult.

Writing in the Internet era: A conversation with Sarah McCarry on Nathan Bransford’s blog

About social media and writing.

A Writer’s Greatest Tool on The Writers Alley

Read it to find out the greatest tool of a writer!

September Blog Roll

As September rolls around along with the brown grass and falling leaves, so does another blog roll by yours truly. Here goes:

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas Recommendation on First Novels Club

A review that shows the emotion of what we all want our readers to feel after they have read a book, the need to read another one we’ve written.

3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs  on Making a Living Writing

All writers would like to get paid to do what they love, here are some tips on how to do this.

Being Married is Like Writing a Book on Happy Musings

A humorous comparison to writing and being married.

Break a Rule! on Writer Unboxed

Read it. Be brave.

20 Things Update on Notebook Sisters

On bucket lists and such.

No Plot? No Problem! on Office of Letters and Light

Regarding such things as plotting and limits!

8 Marathon Training Tips for Writing Stamina on  Making a Living Writing

A brilliant article on how to write when it gets rough.

Believable Characters: Applying Personality Types on The Writer’s Alley

Wondering how to make your characters behavior patterns believable? Search no further!

How to Simplify Your Life So You Can Write on Novel Rocket

Well, this post can’t fix your prioritizing problems for you, but it gives great tips on how to do it yourself.

Hope you enjoyed the list! What are your top picks from September?

August Blog Roll – Plus *New* Picture Prompt

It’s hard to believe August is on way out and fall is rolling in. Enjoy our list of favorite blogs from this last month! There were many, many wonderful reads. Also, stay tuned for this week’s picture prompt at the end of the list!

Setting (and how to craft a good one!) by J.E. Tankersley

A wonderful resource for the writer wanting to better their setting descriptions.

WriteOnCon on Take It or Leave It

A post detailing WriteOnCon – a free, online writing conference. That’s right – it’s free!

Why Writing a Book is Like Hiking a Canyon on GoTeenWriters

Author Stephanie Morrill walks readers through the simile as well as her own writing process.

7 Ways to Build Your Writing Confidence on Helping Writers Become Authors

In this post, K.M. Weiland shares ways to boost your writing confidence.

Have we become uncomfortable with uncertainty in writing? on Nathan Bradsford’s blog

The above question is pondered by Bradsford in this particular blog post.

11 Signs You May Be a Writer on Judy Lee Dunn (.com)

Humorous post about writers.

Admit It on Happy Musings

Discusses how admitting it just might give you a breakthrough in your writing.

Finding the Significance in the Ordinary on Meditations of His Love– I liked reading this blog post because it is a reminder to us all that we are all significant, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary the daily tasks we do are.

The Radical Change that Made Me a Super-Productive Writer On Making a Living Writing – One writers experience with having deadlines to meet on a beautiful day. Who says we have to write inside or at our desks all the time? A change of scenery can sometimes make all the difference.

Getting Published on Happy Musings – Have you ever been published? What did it feel like? Were you stunned, excited or scared? Did you jump for joy, send out an e-mail or worry about who would be reading your work?


Writing Prompt

This week our stories will be inspired by the below picture – if you’d like to test your creativity, please join in.

Questions to jumpstart creativity: Why would she be on a beach by herself? Is the beach in some tropical place in South America or closer to the arctic circle? Think from the perspective of the character: what is she thinking while she twirls along the shore?

We’d love it if you left your story in the comments!




Monthly Blogroll: July

Us writers here at PoP – Trixie, Rebecca and Felicity –  are avid blog readers. Here’s our top picks from the month of July, in no particular order. We hope these titles inspire you, as well!

1. Are There Rules for Writing Seat-of-the-Pants? on Novel Rocket

As writers, some of us are plotters, some of us just aren’t. If outlining your story cramps your style, read one writer’s take on how to make spontaneity work.

2. Day 23 – Writer Struggles on After Writer Dreams

We all have writing ruts. Here’s helpful list of things to do when you’re in one.

3.  Should I use a pen name or my real name? on Go Teen Writers

By breaking down the possible pros, cons, and alternatives, author Stephanie Morrill strategically tackles this question.

4. Day 25 – Creating Your Own Manifesto on After Writer Dreams

The title says it all here. This post is a discussion on why you should create your own manifesto.

5. What’s on Your “Why” List? on Writer Unboxed

This post discusses how you should know the answers to these questions: What are the reasons that keep you writing? What do you remind yourself when you want to quit?

6. Avoiding Boring Character Biographies on Writer Unboxed

Want to make your characters infinitely better? This is the post for you. It includes questions to enhance your characters physical, psychological and sociological characteristics.

7. Beyond the Basics with E. Lockhart on The Narrative Breakdown

Rather than being a true blog, it is an original podcast. E. Lockhart, author of The Boyfriend List and The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks is the author that is answering the questions.

8. Why We Should Bake Cookies… Erm, Build Community on Altogether Separate

A guest blog post by Rachelle Rea of Inspiring Daring. I like that this post makes me think and proves that things are not always as they appear; we need to look deeper sometimes.

9. Where Do You Go When You Need to De-stress? by Debbie Macomber

Want a quick read, how about this blog post by bestselling author Debbie Macomber about de-stressing.

10. Smashwords Launch Ebook Bestseller List on Smashwords

A blog post about the e-book bestseller list at, a site where writers can publish their work in e-book form and the site distributes the books to other sellers like Barnes and Noble.

Keep the inspiration going: Do you have a list you’d like to share? We’d love to know about your favorite posts from July!

Writer Unboxed

When I found (via a reference from a writers magazine), I didn’t know I had found one of the greatest writing blogs that is out there, one that I continuously visit. Writer Unboxed was one of the forces that spurred me on to create two blogs of my own and I still go to Writer Unboxed for writing inspiration and advice because they have a large amount of quality content that all relates to writing. It is my favorite blog.

I’m also a part of the the Writer Unboxed Facebook group which has been a tremendous help because it allows writers to ask craft-related questions and get specific advice from writers ALL OVER THE WORLD. (Vaughn Roycroft, one of the leaders among the WU staff, has a fantastic post about the group here: I think that connecting with other writers and sharing great tidbits is the true magic of Writer Unboxed and am thankful to be a reader of their blog and member of their Facebook group!

What Blogs/Books/Groups Inspire You?

Have you ever read a blog that inspired you to go write right away without procrastinating anymore?

Have you ever read a book that truly helped you become a better writer?

Are you in a writing group that has nurtured you through the writing process?

Rebecca, Felicity and I will all be posting about our favorite book, blog or group that has helped us in some way, whether it is our go-to place for stimulating creativity or a book where every chapter has a bit of encouragement to go along with helpful writing advice.

What is your favorite blog/website/book for writing? Is there a specific post that you go back to when you are frustrated with writing? Do you have a book that you can read again and again and learn something new every time?

We would love to hear about a book or blog or source of inspiration in the comments below!

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