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Eyes of a Bystander

by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously Published by Barebacklit in 2014**

I can see the path you’re taking starting to crumble

like a cliff’s edge that you should stay away from.

My desire to shout a warning sticks hard in my chest

wondering how you’d take it.

I’m just a bystander in your life

someone you see every day.

Your life is on the verge of being upside down

like a hurricane rushed through it.

The way you’re fighting these fierce winds of change

is so unwise, you’ve got to give  some things time.

Feel sad, be angry, but don’t turn to destruction

this is no time for a collision.

Stay on this road and you’re going to lose

more than you think you already have.

Maybe you’d say I’ve never been where you have

you’re right but sometimes common sense must prevail.

The answers you need are not found in liquid,

you’re using it like a broken life raft.

This time you’re going to have to swim with strength

to battle the tumultuous tides in the ocean.

Few Regrets

by: Rebecca Taylor

Live a life of few regrets

The time for taking chances stands before you

The clock turns slowly but steadily

Outcomes may be unexpected

But attempts for future successes are most important

Leading yourself to your own triumph

Is always a win.

Nature’s Beauty

by: Rebecca Taylor

Dew droplets sparkling on the grass

Trees reflecting against the bright blue skies

Sunshine filtering down to the ground

Rows of hay bales to be picked up

Quiet except for the sound of birds

And the tractor’s engine

Nature gives us beauty to find serenity in.


by: Rebecca Taylor

Change can be happy, or it can be sad

Sometimes it comes with gladness or madness

But there’s no point in pouting

And no reason for shouting

It is best just to take it as it comes

Some changes we can fight against

But many once come must just be accepted

The sooner we accept it

The easier it is to move along

Where we must continue to seek the good.

Love As

by: Rebecca Taylor

Love as new and fragile as a baby bird
Emotions as overpowering as a fireworks display
Hands joined together as a symbol of commitment
Hearts beating quick as an Olympic racer’s footsteps
Joy as overwhelming as seeing a newborn for the first time
Life’s beauty as evident as a glorious rainbow after a storm
Sound of voices happy as experiencing rain after a drought
Sharing mundane moments stunning as experiencing medallic triumphs
Wonder because having someone special in your life is as good as it gets.

The Gift

by: Rebecca Taylor

**Published by Praise Writers in 2014**

God sends special people to make the sun shine brighter.
Steadfast love blossoms like a floral bouquet
and stays fragrant year round.

Gifts hide in life’s tests–
millions of tiny blessings wait to be discovered.

Gods sends special people to brighten our lives
and extend bouquets of love in numerous ways.
Look upward and praise God.


by: Rebecca Taylor

In celebration of Father’s Day last weekend.


Father’s Day has arrived again

And this card is but a small token of

The immense thanks I have to give

Hugs and happiness being sent your way

Every day so that you can

Remember how important you are to me.

Hard at Work

by: Rebecca Taylor

Workers at their best

Labouring for reasons not guessed

Some days put them to the test

They keep on going until it’s time to rest

Because this is their quest.

Continue On

by: Rebecca Taylor

Moving forward to the next step

Life is mysterious and even when we know where we’re going

Surprises come our way

We must always be looking forward

While learning from the past

Hold tight to what matters most

And choose the paths ahead

It’s the only way to continue on.

Making Change

by: Rebecca Taylor

In a dark place is your heart

And it’s taking your common sense with it

I want to say the right things

But am confused as to what they are

I’m afraid you won’t listen anyways

Do I bother to give you the words I think you need to hear

Maybe you won’t want to listen

Perhaps you’ll walk away from me

This rejection is a chance I sometimes have to take

Sometimes we have to break silence

To make change.

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