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With Nature

by: Rebecca Taylor

based on this week’s picture prompt

Feeling of freedom
as bare feet touch the damp sand
ocean’s spray misting in from the tide.
Seagulls squawk with joy
feeding on fish found near the shore
undeterred by the beach goers.
So much happening all at once
but in the moment with nature
all feels right with the world.


By: Rebecca Taylor

What emotion is the colour green describing? Post your answers in the comments section. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Ayana Marie Wallace was beautiful in a bright green dress across the room at the reunion dance. Her green eyes were intent on Grant Miller, and that was the problem. Chad Simms wanted them to be on him. He had been in love with Ayana for years but their lives had taken them in separate directions and while they had communicated through e-mail and the occasional phone call, it wasn’t the same as seeing someone. Ayana was talking to a bunch of other girls – women really from their class ten years ago but Chad could see where her eyes were focused, and it wasn’t on him. She met the women’s eyes occasionally but they always went back to Grant. Chad wondered why he couldn’t find the courage to go over and say hello to her, to ask her to dance or if she wanted something to drink or to get some fresh air. Was it fear of rejection? Or the fact that Ayana was still stunningly beautiful after all these years and he had gained a few pounds and his hair had receded a bit since high school. It had been so easy when they had talked on the phone, like the years had never gone by and she always sounded genuinely happy to be talking to him but now he was finding her beauty daunting and Grant – well he had been a jock in high school and he looked like he had stepped out of the center fold of a magazine. Who could compete with that? Personally, Chad had found Grant to be arrogant in high school but people could change in ten years and who was Chad to judge he knew that he had his share of fault lines.
“Lots of beautiful women in our class weren’t there,” said Josh Bryant coming over to stand with Chad.
“Yes, there are,” said Chad, “did you bring a date?”
“My wife and high school sweetheart Jacqueline Myers.”
“Nice,” answered Chad, “I’m glad this love thing is working out for some of us.”
“Haven’t got it yet?” asked Josh.
“No, the right one just hasn’t gotten to me yet.”
“Maybe now’s your chance,” said Josh, “there’s lots to choose from here, Jade Tompkins said only about half our class brought a date with them or are married but ended up coming alone. Your eyes are on Ayana aren’t they?”
“How did you know?”
“Doesn’t take an expert to see it; besides, you two always were friends in school.”
“Friends, yes, but we haven’t seen each other for that long even though we’ve talked. Things happen, our careers took us in different directions and now here we are. I’m trying to get up the courage to go say hello.”
“Just go over and say it, I have to lots of our classmates. Most of them didn’t bite then and they aren’t today either.”
Chad laughed, “Thanks for the tip, but it’s easier for you, no pressure, Mr. Married Man.”
“Not just that,” said Josh smiling, “I’m a dad too, I’ve got two sons. Life is good with me. You don’t know what you’re missing.”
“Hard to say,” answered Chad, “Everyone always seems to think the grass is greener on the other side. Anyways, here I go,” and he walked across the gymnasium stopping to speak to a few other former classmates along the way.
“Hello,” he said approaching the group of women and a few other men who had joined them, their dates perhaps as Chad didn’t know some of them”
“Hello, Chad,” said Ayana turning to face him, now her eyes were on him as she smiled and they started to talk about this and that.
Maybe I do have a chance with her after all, thought Chad taking her hand and leading her towards the dance floor.

Writing Prompt: Emotion and Color

Your challenge today? Choose an emotion and describe it without ever saying what emotion it is.

You can use dialogue or description. You could make it into a short story or just do a free write. Whatever suits your fancy.

There is, however, another requirement. You must pick a color that represents the emotion (i.e. red for anger) and incorporate your color into the story. (Similar to how F. Scott Fitzgerald uses color in The Great Gatsby.)

Post your response in the comments below!


**Based on this week’s picture prompt**

By: Rebecca Taylor

Balloons of every colour stare back from the store front windows
beckoning to everyone who walks by to come in and buy them
to use them as symbols of joy, freedom, celebrations and garage sales.

Balloons bob in the wind as you carry them home
childlike emotions fill you as you hold on tight like you were carrying a kite
a surprise for someone on their birthday or a decoration for a party
their bounciness makes you smile when you see them
and the balloons are happy because they’ve done their job.

June 2014 Picture Prompt

Here is the prompt that writers at PoP will be following this week. Feel free to join us! We’d love to read your stories.

Happy writing!



Write a story involving balloons.


Lessons Learned

By: Rebecca Taylor

Based on the Bottle, Balcony, Strawberry, Conversation, Values writing prompt from this week

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we lose it. This is exactly what happened to me and my girlfriend, but I’m fortunate because I only lost her for a while. Growing up, I didn’t always realize the importance of the values my parents and grandparents tried teaching me, but I always loved them and obeyed the house rules most of the time. But, then I became an adult, and I thought this meant no more rules, no longer having to have a conversation about whose turn it was to take out the garbage or who was going to wash the dishes and who was going to dry. I, Chad Ryan was my own boss and if I wanted the dishes to sit in the sink for a week, they could, although that meant a lot more scrubbing when I eventually got to them. Sometimes, I would just order pizza and eat it out of the box and save my self the hassle of having any dishes. I had my own apartment and my habits were not bothering anyone. Then, I met my girlfriend and things with Clarissa were lots of fun because we would go out to restaurants and parties and have random conversations about everything from our favorite fruit with hers being strawberry and mine apple, to how many children we wanted someday, she wanted two and I wanted at least that many although I was scared out of my mind at the thought of raising them. One day I found myself asking her to move in with me. She agreed and that was when our wonderful relationship turned into a battle ground. I wasn’t living alone and leaving my shoes thrown in the middle of the floor might have been convenient for me, but she managed to trip over them one too many times. As a bachelor I might not have had to pick up the dishes throughout my apartment, but I’ll admit now that it might not be pleasant to find a half-full cup of three day old coffee sitting on the desk when you want to check your e-mail. Living alone had made be oblivious or ignorant to the good housekeeping methods my mother had enjoyed in our home when I was living there. I should have picked up on the annoyance in Clarissa’s tone after I committed these offences and plenty more but it wasn’t until she said goodbye and left me staring at her empty closet that I realized what had happened. So, first I had a date with a bottle on the balcony and tried to use it to calm my misery. It might have numbed the shock I had from her leaving but it didn’t take away the pain of missing her especially when I went to bed – alone – that night. A few days of loneliness and a visit home to my parents’ house made me realize two things – I needed to talk to Clarissa and I needed to do my share of the chores and do them before someone had to get annoyed that they were not done. I had asked Clarissa to move in with me because I loved her, and wanted my girlfriend to be with me. I hadn’t asked her to be my live in housekeeper but she was the one doing most of the housework. When she had been living with me my dishes didn’t sit in the sink for prolonged periods of time and my clothing didn’t sit in the dryer getting wrinkled. Clarissa did these things for me and I had never told her I appreciated it and I never helped out either. I could have washed or dried the dishes and just enjoyed being with her. I realized I could have done a lot of things to make us live harmoniously. So, I went and called her and told her I was sorry and asked for a second chance. She agreed and now we work together to get the must do tasks done. This gives us both time to enjoy life beyond the domestic tasks and we are both happier for it. Sometimes, lessons need to be learned the hard way.

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