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With Nature

by: Rebecca Taylor

based on this week’s picture prompt

Feeling of freedom
as bare feet touch the damp sand
ocean’s spray misting in from the tide.
Seagulls squawk with joy
feeding on fish found near the shore
undeterred by the beach goers.
So much happening all at once
but in the moment with nature
all feels right with the world.


**Based on this week’s picture prompt**

By: Rebecca Taylor

Balloons of every colour stare back from the store front windows
beckoning to everyone who walks by to come in and buy them
to use them as symbols of joy, freedom, celebrations and garage sales.

Balloons bob in the wind as you carry them home
childlike emotions fill you as you hold on tight like you were carrying a kite
a surprise for someone on their birthday or a decoration for a party
their bounciness makes you smile when you see them
and the balloons are happy because they’ve done their job.

June 2014 Picture Prompt

Here is the prompt that writers at PoP will be following this week. Feel free to join us! We’d love to read your stories.

Happy writing!



Write a story involving balloons.


Beyond the Bridge

A fictional story based on the picture prompt


By: Rebecca Taylor


                As children living in a small town, it was always a treat when our parents rented a cottage and we got to go swimming and canoeing in the river. We often canoed under the bridge but our trip to Gold’s Lake meant that we didn’t cross over the bridge by car. My sister and I used to play games of what was beyond the bridge – was it a giant city or a magic village, maybe there was royalty that lived there in a castle, or a gold refinery or…and the list went on. Now, that I’m an adult and I had a chance to get out and see for myself what was beyond the bridge, it makes me kind of sad because while there is a city, there isn’t really anything that unique about it, unless you think that the house down the street from where I live is special in its fluorescent pink paint with the bright yellow trim. Being in the city is like being in most places, there are people, some are nicer than others, there are coffee shops and restaurants, some I’d rather eat at than others, there are office politics and ladders to try and climb to get better opportunities. There are places of truth and justice, of good and evil, of right and wrong, but this is life and I am happy making my place in it, even if being beyond the bridge didn’t hold the same allure as it did when I was a child. And, the most amazing thing might still be on this new side of the bridge, a wonderful man who I recently met and who has asked me out on a date, this evening. I’m getting ready and am hoping to not be too nervous but whatever happens, I’ll know that I took a chance just like I did in coming to work on this side. I know too that if ever I want my small town life back all I have to do is get in my car and make the drive back across the bridge. Knowing it can go both ways is a very freeing experience. 



Writing Prompt: Sometimes bridges are crossed, never to be un-crossed.

Dandelion Wishes

*This is a story based on the dandelion picture prompt from last week.


When she was ten, Ella wished upon a dandelion. She wished that she would graduate, grow up, get married and have lots of kids and be a good wife. Maybe even be a soccer Mom.

When she was twelve, Ella found a bridal magazine and created a scrapbook of her favorite wedding ideas.

When she was fourteen, Ella asked a boy to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Ella had her first boyfriend

When she was fifteen, Ella’s boyfriend dumped her. Ella traveled to Costa Rica that year with her family and when she came back, she took down some of her boy band posters and switched them with travel posters. Ella also got another boyfriend.

When she was sixteen, Ella moved to a new state. Ella’s Mother got cancer and her boyfriend broke up with her halfway through her Mom’s treatment.

When she was seventeen, Ella struggled through helping keep her Mom healthy and finishing school. Ella got the worst grades she had ever gotten.

When she was eighteen, Ella’s ex-boyfriend called her and proposed. Ella asked for some time to think about it. Ella found out she got into a college in London the day after. Ella hadn’t expected to get into that college.

Ella called her boyfriend back and decided on a college after thinking it all over.

When she was nineteen, Ella took off to her college in London.

Ella saw a dandelion the night before she left. Ella blew it out and her wish was no longer the same. Ella wished that she would be able to become a journalist, the best she could be.

Ella’s dreams had changed and so had she.

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