by: Rebecca Taylor

I sit behind the mounds of paperwork,

Wondering how much longer it is going to take,

I’ve got to finish it,

If I don’t there’ll be even more tomorrow,

And that pit I’m trying to overcome

Will get that much deeper.

I gaze out the window,

The sun is shining brightly like the star that led the wise men,

On Christmas Eve so many years ago.

If only it would rain,

Then I wouldn’t mind being inside so much.

I’ve got too much to do before the end of the year,

I will not let this sinking feeling consume me

Like a fire that’s out of control.

I’ve got to put pen to paper,

Stop thinking about all the things I could do outside.

I have to make this overwhelming feeling hide,

I can finish this,

There is my agenda overflowing with work,

It could be the cup of coffee my dad fills too full every morning.

I cannot let myself dig my hole any deeper,

I must push on like a tired solider.

The time moves so slowly like it’s wounded,
It is getting harder to work and I fear I will never finish,

But deep down I know that no matter how slow,

The turtle goes eventually the race is won,

And the abyss fills in like a puddle on a rainy day.