I sometimes wonder why I must see many benches here and there. But I know benches are something to some people. Perchance, someday I’ll sit on one and have an experience.

Possibly a romance

With a deep, dark man

Or a whiskey-flavored blond

Maybe a revelation

About the universe

With broken beauty

Simply a conversation

A friend talking to me

Before they leave

Other days I wish the benches weren’t there. Because they represent waiting or sitting or stopping. Not moving but letting the world move to you. I do not think I can stop anymore. I do not know if I have the hope left in benches and waiting.

I want it now and I don’t have it. I don’t have a romance or a revelation and not the correct conversation. I suppose someday I look back and reevaluate my thoughts. Decide these things will happen but for now the benches are an image of something I don’t have. An experience not worth waiting for.